Project management Software for Manufacturing firms

Manufacturing Industry

It's not easy to run a manufacturing unit. You have countless things to take care of. From handling the teams who are running the entire setup to making sure that the machines are in right shape and what not - there's so much that goes around in a manufacturing firm.

And, there is no denying that all this cannot be handled unless you have access to the right technology. This is exactly what ProofHub is - a project management software for manufacturing firms that helps them become more efficient. Here's a look at how ProofHub actually helps manufacturing teams -

All the people, and units brought together at one place

One of the best things about ProofHub is that it works like you do. You can add People i.e. all your team members in the tool and assign a Custom role to them. It is this custom role that will define the things they can access in the tool. In fact, you can have separate custom roles for Clients, Unit managers, and Team members. It brings hierarchy within the working system, and at the same time avoids irrelevant information being shared with irrelevant individuals.

Create a project plan

Planning is an integral part of every business. When you run a manufacturing firm, you need to plan things from ground up. When is the manufacturing process going to start? From where are you going to get the raw materials? Who is going to head the first stage of the process? These are some of the common questions that pop-up, and they require planning.

This is where ProofHub can come to rescue.

Once you have created the project and added relevant people to it, you can go ahead and carry out meaningful Online discussions to plan every phase of the project. Based on those discussions you can create Task list for every individual and add the Tasks they are supposed to take care of.

And move the manufacturing process in a flow

To make sure there are no confusions in the way everyone needs to work, ProofHub has got the option of distributing work using Workflows and kanban boards. Divide your manufacturing process into Stages. Here's how a basic workflow for a manufacturing firm could look like -

Ideation: Manufacturing: Packaging: Delivery

For every product that your unit is manufacturing, a similar kind of workflow can work. For each stage you can assign individuals and make sure that everyone knows what they are supposed to do.

Track time and deliver consignments on time

A manufacturing unit can succeed only if it delivers the consignments on time. This is where ProofHub's Time tracking system comes into the picture. You can set an estimated time for each task, so that the person has a fair idea as to when he or she is supposed to deliver the task. This is important as sometimes tasks are dependent and beginning of one task is dependent upon completion of the previous one.

This is where ProofHub's Gantt chart can come to the rescue. Using Gantt chart you can set dependencies between tasks and make sure that everyone knows their accountability for delivering tasks within deadline.

Write notes, upload files and keep all the information intact

Managing the manufacturing requirements shared by client. Saving sample design files for the products. And what not. There is a lot of documentation involved in manufacturing firms. Losing or misplacing any one such file can put the entire project in risk of failure. This is where ProofHub can be of great help.

You can use Notes in this project management software for manufacturing teams to write down all the information. At the same time, you also have the option to upload Files in ProofHub to bring all the documents at a central place. And, it simply does not end here. You can eventually access all the files and documents uploaded on third party apps like Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox and Box.

Save the date and get work done on time

Another important problem that ProofHub solves as a project management software for manufacturing firms is the scheduling part. ProofHub has got an in-built Calendar, in which you can create Events for important dates like completing the first lot and sending it, as well as Milestones to mark the completion of particular phase in the project. You can sync your Google Calendar and iCal with ProofHub calendar to make sure you don't have to juggle between different apps to manage and schedule all your tasks.

Keep an eye on how teams are performing

Analyzing how teams are performing and how each unit of the manufacturing firm is working is the most important aspect of a manufacturing company. After all, you need to keep an eye on which team is doing what task, how many hours is the manufacturing unit working and similar other factors. This is where ProofHub Reports come across as just the perfect tool for you.

With Project reports you can keep an eye on everything related to the manufacturing process. Similarly there are Resource reports that give you an idea of how each resource is being used during the manufacturing process. And, lastly there are Time reports which give you the by-minute details of every moment the team members are spending while working on the tasks.

Review and approval done right, in no time

Many manufacturing projects involve the product design being approved from the client. Relying on emails for this process simply increases the confusion. ProofHub brings the safest option to end all this trouble with its Online proofing tool. You can simply upload the design file, add collaborators over it and get their feedback.

The best part is that they can use markup tools and threaded comments to share clear and concise feedback. And, once you are done with those changes in the product design can upload the new version of file right there. It eliminates the confusion of having to juggle between different files and different feedback emails before finalizing the design.

Add a Project manager to keep things always under your ultimate control

Just to make sure that things never slip out of cracks in the manufacturing projects, ProofHub comes with the option to add a Project manager. The Project manager gets real time updates, and a project progress report that helps in iterating plans, and making sure that things are always under your ultimate control.

And, there is a powerful mobile app as well (for both iOS and Android). So, team members can stay on top of things even when they are on the go!

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for our free trial!