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From site selection to budgeting, arranging decor to catering, event security to coordinating with the vendors, there is a lot that event management teams have to take care of in their everyday life. Amidst all this chaos, it can be quite easy to lose control of the things. This is where the need of having a system in place comes into the picture. And, ProofHub comes across as that system.

Here’s how ProofHub helps event management teams to cut down all the chaos make working lot more fun -

Bring your people together (Custom Roles)

Running an event management firm requires proper coordination between different people taking care of different departments. It can get little messy at times when there are so many people around and there is so much work to be assigned. This is where ProofHub comes into the picture. In ProofHub, you can create Custom roles for people managing different departments such as decorators, caterers, assistants, client(s) etc. and can bring them together at one place.

With everyone having a clearly defined role, it becomes easy to stay in sync for the teams and get to the task of managing events.

Easy planning and work distribution (Task Management) Proofhub can be the greatest savior for planning and distribution of work. Once you have assigned Custom roles to team members, you can easily get to the task of task allocation.

Add Task list for each individual person in the team and create Tasks for them. With clearly segregated tasks, and without the email chaos, event management teams can quickly get to work without any confusion.

The best thing about task management system in our project management tool for event management firms is that it comes with powerful features like the option to add labels, setting a start and end date for the task, setting time estimates and adding more than one person to the task. So, the process of task allocation and work distribution becomes crystal clear.

For instance, if there is a task for catering you can assign one person to finalize the menu, the other to bring in all the materials needed for the event’s catering and one person to make sure all the resources are available at the time of event.

There is also this wonderful and effective Gantt chart tool as well that can help event management teams in planning their daily activities. With Gantt charts in ProofHub, you can easily track the progress made in the tasks by the team members. You can also set dependencies between the tasks.

For example, a venue will only be finalized once the guest list is confirmed based on the number of guests that are supposed to come at the event. So, these two tasks are related and hence interdependent. You can set the dependency using Gantt charts and the people assigned on these tasks can mutually plan their work. These dependencies will reflect how a change in the scheduling can impact the whole event.

Streamline the way you manage the tasks (Workflows and kanban boards)

One of the biggest challenges that event managers face is streamlining tasks and keeping things moving in a flow. In ProofHub, you get an option to integrate a workflow for every task list. With the help of these Workflows and kanban boards in ProofHub you can move each task through stages depending upon the progress made in them.

Here’s a small example. A basic workflow for an event management firm working on a new event would like this -

Plans: To be executed: In progress: Completed

When a new event planning project comes, the first job is to plan the tasks that need to be executed like ordering decorative elements, finalizing the caterer and the menu, any special attractions requested by the host and similar other tasks. And, setting a custom workflow to maintain these tasks makes life easy for event planners.

Keep everything organized (File Management)

Event management firms are always at sixes and sevens. Look around and all you can see is various design brochures, decoration samples, guests list and what not. The scenes are nothing short of the chaotic scenes after a hurricane. However, you can bring all this mess to an end with simple and organized file management system in ProofHub where you can easily store all the Files related to events, internal communication and what not, and organize those files neatly. With just a single click you can share all the event ideas with the event managers and the clients.

Never confuse the event dates (Calendar)

Poor scheduling can completely mess-up the event. After all, when things don’t turn up on time you cannot expect the event to be successful.

For example - just Imagine you’re planning a birthday event, and you forget to order the cake for the client before the birthday date. Such a situation will never arise with ProofHub because with Calendar in proofhub, you can mark the important Events. ProofHub calendar also gives you the option to create recurring events - daily, weekly or even monthly, so that you don’t have to spend time in creating repetitive events again and again. You can even assign milestones, and set reminders for important activities as well. For example, you can set a reminder to call the baker to know about the status of cake delivery.

Make a note of everything clearly and concisely (Notes)

Keeping a note of all the information is imperative for event management teams. For instance, writing down the specific requirements asked by the client for the event related to decoration, food, music, venue and what not. Using a traditional pen and paper to jot down everything can lead to panic in the end in case you miss out on even a single one of the notes. Similarly relying on emails can prove to be a bit too much as those email threads can be quite confusing.

Thanks to Notes in ProofHub you now have a solution to all these troubles. You can simply jot down those requirements, and all other information that might come handy later. The best part is that you can add collaborators on these, and share them with anyone and everyone who is part of the event, as and when needed. And, to save you from the trouble of organizing them ProofHub gives the option of creating Notebooks, in which you can keep them segregated.

For example, notes for the ideas for decoration can be colored in red. Similarly, notes related to the menu can be colored in green.

Quick discussions and easy communication (Online discussions and Group chat)

While organizing an event, most of the team members are scattered taking care of the different departments. This calls for a tool that fosters real-time collaboration between the teams. They can discuss various ideas in discussions, have meaningful collaboration and can reach out to concrete results without wasting any time. Online discussions in ProofHub serve exactly the same purpose.

Just take this example - before you decide the food menu, you can simply create a discussion topic and add the client as well as the caterer to the topic. Get their views in threaded conversation and you can easily brainstorm together to reach a final conclusion without the need of organizing a face to face meeting.

At the same time, the Group chat feature in ProofHub ensures that there is a seamless flow of communication always maintained. Whether you need to have a quick informal conversation with any of the team members, want to get a thumbs up for something or need to talk in group with the entire team, ProofHub Group chat can help you do it all. And, there are beautiful emojis as well to make the entire communication interesting and engaging.

Easy feedback sharing (online proofing)

Standees for the event. The posters to promote the event. The final plan for the entire seating arrangement. And, what not. There goes a lot of creative effort in planning an event for which you need to get approval from the clients. You might stick to the old school method of getting it done via personal meetings or using the good ol’ email option.

However, with ProofHub feedback sharing on these creative aspects of event management become as easy as 1-2-3. Simply upload the creative file and add collaborators to it to get their feedback using the Online proofing tool in ProofHub. The collaborators can use markup tools, and threaded comments to share their views. And, once the changes have been worked upon as per their satisfaction they can simply approve the file with just a mouse click.

For example there is a poster that is going to put on the stage where the event is going to happen. You need to get it approved from the event host. You can simply upload it in ProofHub and get them to share their feedback without having to waste time in organizing meetings and playing the email volleyball.

Reporting, analysis and lot more (Reports)

Reporting is of utmost importance to ensure that teams are working fine and you are on the right track to grow. This is where ProofHub proves to be the best friend for event management teams.

With features like Project reports, Resource reports and Time reports you can eventually plan and monitor each and everything related to the projects, as well as teams without any hassle.

As the name suggests, Project reports paint a clear picture on how the projects are progressing, while Time reports give you an overview of the time details for each individual and Resources reports pinpoint each and everything related to an individual resource.

Adorn your account just like your events (White-labeling)

ProofHub lets you establish your brand value by making your account look and feel just the way you wanted to. You can choose the color, theme to personalize your account. You can even create a custom domain name to give it a more personal feel.

And, it does not end here. With the powerful mobile app (available for both iOS and Android), event management teams can breathe a sigh of relief while managing the events. Using the mobile app they can stay on top of everything no matter they are at the event venue, within the office or wherever they are.

You can see how ProofHub helps event management teams make the most of their capabilities and deliver the best at work. If you are running an event management team, then it is time for you to give a serious thought on trying ProofHub.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for our free trial!