How ProofHub’s proofing tool makes it best creative project management software


A helpful article that explain how creative industry no matter if its project managers, web designers and other small entrepreneurs can use ProofHub, creative project management software, for free, to better plan, organize and deliver work. It helps you do multiple projects and makes proofing process super smooth.

Instructions to be noted.

1. Add all of your team members in ProofHub

Create projects before doing anything else. Click the tab for “People” and then “Add Person”. Fill in the form with the name of the person and email address, etc, and click on “Add Person”. ProofHub, add them as new members of the team and will send an email that contains credentials for them to log in your company’s account.

2. Develop a project plan for your current web design project

ProofHub Notes, a collaborative word processor that automatically saves changes. Start by clicking on the tab “Notes” and then click “Add Note.” Enter a name for the Note whenever you want until then the note remains untitled. ProofHub will present a large text area where multiple users or collaborators can work simultaneously. Place your cursor in the text area and begin typing your ideas. Continue writing until you are finished brainstorming and have something presentable. Everyone on the project will be automatically informed when a new note is created on a project. Changes on the notes are saved automatically but you can also click on “Save changes” to manually save the changes. Click “Add comment” and leave a note to your colleagues, inviting them to review your work and add your own suggestions to the note. When your team members register with ProofHub software and go to the Notes tab, they will see what you have written and have the option to add their own comments.

3. Use Discussions to add a topic for “Project Milestones”

This can be done by clicking on “Discussions” tab and then on “New Topic” button. Fill in the information and add all the people you want to notify for any update on Project Milestones. Work with your team and the client to decide on a number of specific milestones for projects. When will you ship the first frame to the client? When will the first prototype for testing? What date will the live site? To add these milestones, go to the calendar of ProofHub by clicking on the tab “Calendar”. Click “Add Milestone,” write the basic details choose the appropriate team members from the list for making them responsible and then click on “Add Milestone” to save the Milestone in the calendar.

4. Plan each project Milestone and assign specific tasks to individual team members

With ProofHub make the team member responsible for each Milestone by making a separate list of things to do at work for that particular milestone. To make a new list, click on the tab “To-Do’s”. Click “New List”, name the list when prompted and then click “Add list” select the people responsible by checking off in front of their names. Write a task in the field labeled “Add Task.” Enter the end date and then choose one or multiple team members from the list labeled “Select People Responsible” by clicking on Assign button. Repeat until all the tasks involved in achieving the goal have been made to the list of things to do.

5. Limit all correspondence within ProofHub

Add your customers on your ProofHub account and ask them to use the ProofHub Discussion system for all project discussions. Limit all correspondence within ProofHub and reduce the chance of miscommunication ensuring that all interactions with respect to the project lies in one centralized location. First, click on the “People” on the Top Panel, and then click “Add Person”. Create a new group for your customer by clicking on “Create Group”. When prompted, enter the company name and click on “Create Group” followed by clicking on “Add person”. Use the procedure described in Step 1 of this article to add your client and external team members.

6. Manage digital assets.

Load all your digital assets to current web design project (from crazy maps and screenshots frames to whatever). Click on the tab “Files” on the Top Panel of ProofHub. Click “Upload Files” and then “Choose Files” and find the file in question on your system. You can also Drag and Drop multiple files from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive. By saving important files in the cloud it will be accessible to all your team members and will serve as an additional layer of support.

Wait! Creative industry demands a web design project management software with proofing tool for easy finalization of designs. Just for that purpose ProofHub, an online proofing software, helps you to get feedback directly on your design files through its proofing software.

So, what are you waiting for, its high time for you to give ProofHub a shot, especially with its free free trial.