How ProofHub can be used by web designing and creative firms?


Web designing teams are usually overloaded with creative work. Starting the day with discussions regarding the design that client wants, to finishing the day off while drafting the initial framework for the design, work samples and what not - they always have more on their platter than they can handle.

This is the reason why there is a dire need for designing and creative teams to have something in place that makes their work life easy. This is exactly what ProofHub is all about.

Here is how ProofHub can be used by creative and web designing teams to make each day of their work-life simpler and easier than ever:

Get everyone together and work like a team

One of the best things about using ProofHub is that it allows your teams, clients and stakeholders to come together under one roof. You can add them to ProofHub, assign roles to them and by doing so you can make sure they get access to only those areas and that information which is relevant to them.

For example, you can set the role of Admin, Manager, Owner, Client and restrict their access levels. Thus, with Custom roles in ProofHub web designing and creative teams can get an ultimate control over the work they are doing. Based on those roles the team members will have access to the information in those projects.

For example, if you assign the role of a manager that person will have access to all the information, whereas someone with the role of a team member, will have limited access to sections that are only relevant to him or her.

In fact, you can even assign the role of a Project manager to a person whom you want to get the superpowers like ‘Real-time project updates’, ‘Project progress report’ and lot more.

Focus more on doing stuff than managing

The irony of creative teams - be it designers or any other form of creative work, is that they have to spend more time on managing their tasks and schedules rather than doing creative stuff. However, with our project management software for designing teams managing all your tasks becomes easy and hassle-free.

As the team lead or manager you can simply create task lists for each individual in the team. In this task list, you can further add tasks which they need to work upon. Based on the requirement and availability you can add daily, weekly or even monthly tasks. This saves both you and your team from the hassle of wasting more time drafting emails and replying to them for work assigning and acknowledging respectively. In fact, team members can mark their tasks as complete with just a mouse click.

To make work allocation and management more concise, to-the-point and hassle-free, ProofHub has got features like -

  • Subtasks (to break down bigger tasks into smaller tasks so that they can completed easily)
  • Assign more than one person to a task (so that complex tasks can be completed in less time)
  • Labels (which can be used to mark the importance or priority of a particular task),
  • Time tracking (you can add estimated time duration for each task so that everyone has an idea regarding the time they need to spend on it)
  • % completion of a task (so that everyone has knows how much work is done and how much is left to be completed)

For example, you can add tasks like creating mockup for website, getting banners ready for the marketing campaign and more.

Workflows and boards to set things straight

Another powerful thing that ProofHub has to make your task management simpler, clearer and easier than ever is Workflows and kanban boards. You can create custom workflows to make sure teams work like just the way you want them to. Using these boards you can mark stages for each of your task.

Let us take the example of a normal web designing task for instance. It could have the following stages -

Client requirements: To do: Doing: Done

This can be the simplest of workflows for designing and creative teams. As it is evident from the names of stages, they divide the entire task into further stages which make it easy for work division and reduces the stress of knowing how many tasks of the project have been completed and how many are pending.

Simplified review and approval to speed up things

Review and feedback sharing form a major part of the work of a designing team. However, it is the most complicated and confusing process as well. Each time the client and the stakeholders share their feedback, you can see the email thread becoming longer and longer. At the end of it all, you are stuck with countless email, with different feedback in each mail, and a pile of files each having those changes implemented.

Already sounds confusing. Isn’t it? Just imagine the state of mind of designers and creative people who have to go through all this day-in and day-out!

But, wait - our project management tool for designers and creative teams has a solution for this as well. With ProofHub’s Online proofing tool you can simply upload a design mockup and share it with managers, clients and stakeholders for their feedback. Now the clients, stakeholders and managers who have been added to the file can use markup tools and comments to share their feedback on the file. There are no separate emails for the same. Everyone’s feedback is right in front of you on a single screen.

Designing and creative teams no longer have to find themselves lost in the heap of files and never ending email threads.

Manage your creative files and documents

ProofHub works as the central storage space for keeping all your files. Whether it is your PDF files, web design mockups, sketches or anything else for that matter - you can store them all at one place. ProofHub Files gives you the comfort of bringing all your stuff together at a central place. The best part is that you can access all your third party document storage apps like Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and DropBox from within ProofHub.

At the same time, there are these powerful Notes in ProofHub as well. You can use them to pour heart out, gather client requirements at one place, store all your random thoughts as well as all the other important information that needs to be documented. For instance, you can use them to jot down the project information shared by client on call. Or, any changes in the requirement that was already shared can be noted down here.

It’s like your personal journal, which comes with the option to share notes with anyone and everyone or to keep them private only to yourself. You can color code the notes to keep them segregated, and store them in Notebooks to keep them well-organized.

Also, there are quickies which act as sticky notes on which you can jot down all the random quick stuff that you gather from here and there, and might need it in quick time.

Plan projects like a pro

One of the most powerful features in ProofHub is that of Gantt chart. With Gantt charts in ProofHub team members get to know about task dependencies. In simple words, they get to know about how delay in their work is going to impact the work that other team members are supposed to complete.

For instance, if you are supposed to design a billboard for business promotion, you can plan it by checking out the availability of the resources. And, then setting dependency between different team members who are going to work on the mockup creation, finalization of the design and printing of the billboard.

What this can do is bring a sense of accountability and responsibility within the team members, and they can plan their tasks better. This in turn is going to help you plan your projects in a better and more efficient possible manner.

Mark everything on calendar

Staying within deadline is the responsibility when you are dealing with clients. Considering the fact that design teams usually have to go through plenty of rework, these deadlines are usually missed. But, with our project management system for creative teams you can eventually mark everything on your ProofHub Calendar.

You can create milestones for each step of the project, so that you can always have an idea how many milestones are completed and how many are left. For instance, you can create a milestone when one third of the tasks for the project are completed. This can help in making sure that things are always on the right track. You can even create events for important dates so that you never miss out on project related important activities. For instance, if you have a client call set on a particular date you can mark it as an event and ProofHub will make sure that you don’t miss out on it.

Discuss, communicate and collaborate easily

Communication is the lifeline of creative teams. Whether it communicating within the team or talking to clients for information gathering, creative teams needs to constantly stay on their toes. With it’s in-built Group chat you can easily share a quick message, a casual ‘Hi’ or converse with the clients, without giving a second thought.

BTW ProofHub Group chat comes with beautiful emojis that make your dull office conversations interesting and lively.

There is a solution to end those time consuming team meetings as well. You can use Online discussions to create a discussion topic, add people to it and start to discuss all the stuff you want to without any limitations.

For instance, you can create a discussion topic to brainstorm about ideas on the new website design project you have just received.

Track time to make the most of every minute spent at work

Creative and designing teams spend hours daily working on their tasks. So, how do you know which tasks are consuming how much time? Or, how do you get to know how many hours did anyone put in working at which tasks during the day? This is where Time tracking in ProofHub comes into the picture.

Each team member can keep track of the hours spent at work using the Timer or by doing manual entries in timesheets. The time-data thus saved in ProofHub can be used to not only check the efficiency of team members, but it can be directly exported to 3rd party accounting apps like Xero, allowing you to easily prepare invoices and bill the clients.

Reports to keep an eye on everything, and everyone

ProofHub also brings along powerful reporting feature. As part of ProofHub reports, you get access to Project reports, Time reports and Resource reports. As the names suggest, Project reports give you a clear picture of all the project related information, Resource reports give you an idea about how individual resource is performing and Time reports paint a clear picture of each and every time related detail.

These clear and insightful reports can be used to analyze team performance, and make plans for the future regarding how you can manage and utilize the resources in a better and more efficient manner.

Make it your own

The most exciting thing about ProofHub is that you can personalize it just like your own tool. For instance, you can set a custom theme, select a color for the account, add a personal logo or image and even create a custom domain for your ProofHub account as well. In short, you can White-label it to look and feel like your brand’s or your team’s image.

So, you can see how ProofHub makes the life of creative and web design teams simpler, easier and better than ever. If you are working as part of a designing or creative team, it is time to give ProofHub a try and see how it works to bring sanity in your life.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for our free trial!