ProofHub optimized our client happiness and eliminated all the fuzziness and problems that could happen with email project management.
- Valtancoli Fabrice
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Challenges faced

While dealing with long-distance projects through calls and emails, we faced many problems that always led to frustration and incomprehension. Many times our minds were clouded by questions such as :

  • What to do when you ask 5 questions in an email and your client only answered 2 of them.
  • What to do when this email discussion with the client, is so long that you are not sure with its final decision on some points ?
  • How to clarify and share the project's progress?
  • Your login may only be used by one person – a single login shared by multiple people is not permitted. You may create separate logins for as many people as you’d like.
  • We didn’t wanted to use more than one web service.

Solution chosen

We really needed a tool to make everything transparent and clear. It was clear to us that each problem or point actually needed its own discussion. We cannot use email anymore, because it was so spammy to send 10 different emails to the same person, if you had 10 different things to say or discuss.

So, at first, we tried to use a private forum platform like PunBB, but our clients didn’t find it user-friendly, and its emails alerts were not very efficient. Then, we decided to try ProofHub for its simplicity and clear user experience, and because it had an image proofing tool included (so we wouldn’t have to use another web service to enable our clients to do so).

We decided to try ProofHub for its simplicity and clear user experience.

We really enjoy how simple ProofHub is, especially discussions with a big left menu to switch between various discussions. More importantly, it is immediately and easily adopted by our clients even without an explanation on how it works : first time they use it, they pretty much understand it.

We really appreciate the email notification, and the ability for the clients to reply via email or answer it straight from their email. The bonus for us is the to-do’s section; it acts as a task manager as it allows us to show the client all the different steps and progress of the project. It’s great because it not only enables the clients to stay abreast with the project's progress, but also enables them to see & measure the details and quality of work being done by us.

In a nutshell, we can say that ProofHub removed instantly all the mess and confusion, that inevitably occurred while managing complex projects with clients using only emails or telephone.