ProofHub provides a proven process for management of offshore development projects, that significantly improves the chances that the projects will be completed within deadlines.
- Bård Andre Bruvoll

Company overview

Kommunikator AS was established by Björn Audunn Blöndal and Christian Enger in 2009. As former journalists and editors in Norwegian companies like TV2, Aller and SOL, we were convinced that the perception of quality of new digital services depends on the quality of the content itself. Better the quality of content, more were the people engaged in the digital services provider’s websites.

Thus, we decided to create a new digital communications agency; an agency that takes content quality seriously and cultivates the core of the world's best digital products. This has led to emergence of two companies: Bonzaii - a content marketing agency and PressWorks - an online marketplace for buying/selling editorial content.

Challenges faced

We outsource lots of development work, so that we can better concentrate on understanding market requirements and strategizing to position our product, so as to attract the right kind of audience. Earlier, managing the work that has been outsourced was a very arduous task. Frequent meetings and teleconferences were done, emails were exchanged, but more often than not communication gaps occurred, misunderstandings occurred.

At times, we use to forget to update the offshore development team and sometimes they used to skip updates about the work that they’ve done. This led to delay in development process, overshooting of deadlines, blame games, etc. Many times we had meetings to discuss that the current managing process isn’t serving our purpose, and we need to streamline things as soon as possible. In short, in hindsight, we can say that it wasn’t the most conducive environment to collaborate and communicate with the offshore development team.

Solution chosen

In order to solve the problem we looked at some solutions. Since, we were using Skype and Google Docs which weren’t serving the purpose, we asked our offshore teams to find a solution. And then we came across ProofHub. We must say that it has been a boon for us as with it we’ve been able to eradicate almost every roadblock, that existed in having a streamlined process for managing offshore development.

All we had to do is log into ProofHub and we were able to see updates across all projects.


First and foremost advantage that we had with ProofHub is that we were able to eliminate unnecessary emails and skype calls seeking update. It was all there to see, right in front of our eyes, just a click away. All we had to do is log into ProofHub and we were able to see updates across all projects.

Second major benefit is that of having discussion for adding some new feature or for tackling an issue that may have cropped up, became piece of cake. Anytime we had to discuss something, all we did was create a topic, added the details, invited people and everyone was in sync about what was being done.

Third benefit we had is increase in team productivity. We noticed exponential growth in team productivity, as designs and files were reviewed and approved, instantaneously. So, a new feature would always get launched before the estimated due date, which saved us enough time to review how things were going. So no task or milestone would get skipped and we didn’t need to remind the team that they missed few things; everything since then went smoothly.

Last but certainly not the least, due to enhanced collaboration, communication and productivity, we had enough time up our sleeves to think and discuss of how further we can enhance the work we’ve done till now; instead of how to make the process more efficient.

Thus, to conclude we’ll say that ProofHub made our work easy and has re-engineered our entire business process.