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How ProofHub propelled “PC Itex” to a phenomenal 50% reduction in planning time and unlocked a remarkable 4X surge in operational productivity?

PC Itex, a leading Ukrainian food packaging manufacturer, faced challenges coordinating dispersed teams. With ProofHub, it organized all the information at one convenient location, reducing the time required for communication, coordination, and obtaining data.

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About PC Itex

Established in 1997, PC Itex is one of Ukraine's most prominent food packaging manufacturers. Beyond its national stronghold, PC Itex proudly exports its packaging solutions to partners spanning 20 countries across Europe and around the globe. Currently serving over 10,000 customers, PC Itex remains dedicated to sustainable practices ingrained deeply in every facet of its operations.

Managing a network of operations spread across diverse geographical locations presented its own set of challenges. Coordinating teams, aligning strategies, and ensuring a consistent flow of information posed hurdles that demanded innovative solutions.

We have partners spread across several countries. Each department coordinated with them individually through emails and phone calls. We needed a central workspace with a better overview of things and crucial information at our fingertips.
— PC Itex team.

Itex’s transformation with ProofHub: Past vs Present

We asked Itex’s team how things have changed since they started using ProofHub to manage their work. Here are some of the key changes they have highlighted
Before ProofHub
After ProofHub
Because our production units and partners are located at different locations, we often need to coordinate our efforts. Relying on emails and phone calls to get the status updates was causing unnecessary delays. Due to the difference in time zones, team members had to wait for responses, and the back-and-forth exchanges often led to prolonged decision-making processes.
One convenient location to access all information
ProofHub centralized all the scattered information for PC Itex. Everyone is in the loop now. If someone spots a bottleneck, it's reported in real-time, not the next day when everyone's ready to take on new challenges. We reclaimed the time spent on to-and-fro emails and calls and spent it well on our expansion initiatives.
Everything was scattered left and right. Particularly, the lack of work coordination between the sales and production teams resulted in production delays. As the sales team struggled to communicate and convey the forecast on time, production often fell short of raw materials. It was always, "I need this, but I need it yesterday."
Perfectly synchronized work
ProofHub made everything easy by providing a unified platform for organizing the work. Sales and production departments can communicate, share information, and streamline the process of gathering and conveying requirements. No more waiting for teams to sync up. Thanks to ProofHub, our warehouses never run out of stock.
The logistics were disorganized. Due to the lack of clarity on where the work stands, the logistical demands were unclear, and organizing shipments took longer than expected.
End-to-end processes visibility
Utilizing ProofHub, PC Itex creates department-specific topics to keep the work visible to relevant team members and managers. It brought down any confusion, making teams aware of what needs to be done and by when. It significantly reduced the time for shipment planning.
Multiple departments were in on the game, and the information was playing hide-and-seek. A shipment leaves one place, hits a roadblock, and suddenly, we're on a detour. Bottlenecks, delays, you name it – deliveries were always facing one issue after the other.
No more late deliveries
With everything organized in ProofHub, team members can easily access any obstacles before it gets too late. Any new update is just a few clicks away. This makes sure that nothing gets overlooked and our product reaches our customers on time.
The critical details on foreign partners held by the import managers further enhanced information gaps within the department, impacting the company's overall understanding of its clientele. With each piece held by different managers, it was a struggle to get the big picture.
Controlled access to information
ProofHub ensured controlled accessibility of information. Tailored spaces and information access for each department help us create hierarchal structures. No more critical information slipping through the cracks..
Lack of clear visibility in prior communication led to prolonged negotiations with clients. The information retrieval took forever, resulting in delayed production planning.
Central hub for organized communication
Well-organized discussions significantly reduced the excessive delay in negotiations. With all our threaded conversation on a single page, team members don’t have to dig through the piles of emails to close the deals. Adding someone new in the loop became far easier.
Difficulties in maintaining a comprehensive overview of who is responsible for what, as well as the progress and completion status of various tasks. No comprehensive overview, just a tangled mess of uncertainty.
Crystal-clear accountability
ProofHub brought clarity into task assignments that previously obstructed transparency at PC Itex. No more guessing games; each task has its own assignees with a clear understanding of their responsibility. It also makes resource allocation easy during any unforeseen challenges.
As the family got bigger, the welcome party fell a bit short. The onboarding process felt a bit chaotic. Team members had to play different chairs to make sure new hires understood the work completely.
Easy getting up to speed
The intuitive interface of ProofHub, with everything well documented, provided a simplified staff onboarding. The administrative staff found it easy to get new talent quickly on the same page and start contributing.
With ProofHub, all our communication across departments takes place in one information environment! Overall, It has cut our end-to-end process time by 50%, ensuring nothing is overlooked or unnecessarily delayed, even with teams spread across different locations.
— PC Itex team.

Key metrics comparison

Here’s how PC Itex’s operational performance has improved with the integration of ProofHub

Challenges faced

Inefficient coordination resulting in 30-50% of delays in production
20-40% of shipment delays caused by communication gaps
Less than 25% communication was properly documented.

Wins Celebrated

50% reduction in excessive time wasted in back-and-forth communication.
75-90% of tasks gets completed within specified deadlines
4x increase in overall productivity because of centralized information.
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