Dynamism through collaboration. Experienced through ProofHub.
- Anton Franzén
hockey stock1

Company overview

Hockey-Stock.com was born to be the most highly comprehensive online sports analytics tool on the market. Our goal is to give fantasy sports players the most in-depth set of analytics and objective commentary to enable individuals to achieve one common goal: “Win my Fantasy Pool”.

Our roots have been in ice hockey, so we decided to launch this venture in this domain first, while setting the stage for other sports down the line. The key to our success is to give users a dynamic site that is constantly keeping pace with the changing environment of the sports season.

Challenges faced

When running a small organization, you never feel that you’re big enough to have ‘communication issues.’ However, you’re constantly scrounging around finding emails of pertinent discussions and decisions made. File and content management are always an issue, regardless of whether you’re big or small. We are all trying to resist moving away from traditional methods of capturing our content (i.e. Powerpoint, Word etc.).

Solution chosen

With ProofHub, we can store data and can collaborate far more effectively. Also, it helps us to retrieve valuable information more efficiently when we need it. Further, including the right people on the conversation string is also a real challenge. It is a great feature of ProofHub that enables us to create content groups, which automatically flows to the right people. From there, nobody can use the excuse that ‘I wasn’t informed’ , which is quite valuable to keep projects flowing and to meet deadlines.

ProofHub definitely enhances the way we get things done between our global team, servicing our global clientele.

In short...

With all the collaboration that happens between our globally dispersed team and clientele, ProofHub acts as the key connector, thus simplifies our work to a great extent.