You don’t realize how much time you waste every day proofing via email, until someone shows you a better way. ProofHub is the way to go!
- Delia Jalomo

Company overview

I’m Delia of Deliabydesign and I work as a freelance designer in Dallas, TX. I believe in efficient, elegant, mobile-responsive solutions and I keep up with trends and technology, because it's fun.

I worked with agencies having huge names before working for smaller business and entrepreneurs, but no matter how large or small the organization is, I’m a big believer in workflow efficiency. I’ve implemented systems and have seen first-hand, how it makes you more profitable; it gives you and your employees your lives back. I’ve seen it changing lives, and that sounds like absolute hyperbole, but trust me it’s not!

ProofHub is our ideal solution

The challenges I faced before ProofHub are the same as every creative agency faces: email is just not an efficient way to communicate during the creative process. There’s a big back and forth with emails which leads to miscommunications, and this is not only with one person but with all those who are involved into the mix; disaster ensues!

What you need is a hub: a place for ideas, visuals, feedback and updates to interact. You need a shared calendar. A shared to-do list. No syncing, no miscommunication, no missing information and hunting for it through a chain of 20 emails.

Solution chosen

Since going solo, I take sabbaticals every so often to make sure my workflow is as efficient as it can be. This time around, I was searching for something specific, a project management system, that was also a hub for online proofing. “ProofHub” said it all. I almost pulled out my credit card before even testing it.

I set up my first project and invited my first client, Isabel of, and used ProofHub in the end states of development process. We fell in love with it overnight, as we were able to finish our work so much faster with it, than we thought we would.

ProofHub” said it all. I almost pulled out my credit card before even testing it.

This is all we have to say...

But, life after ProofHub? Well, let’s talk to my client/collaborator: Brooklyn-based filmmaker and feature film Editor, Isabel Sadurni:

"ProofHub is the ultimate remote productivity hive where in a couple of hours of exchanging drafts, comments and chats between NYC and Dallas, we collaboratively shaped a raw idea into refined working model that we love. Who needs a meeting room?

ProofHub allows us to see working ideas put immediately into action, comment on them or chat about them, so that we can move to the solution-phase faster. The to-do list allows me to see what needs to be done, so that I could nail it while Delia is working on something else. It also helps us make sure nothing falls through the cracks."

Overall, ProofHub helps us improve coordination, communication and project execution.

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