ProofHub has become one of our day-to-day co-working partners.
- Jason Chong

Company overview

Hi there, this is Accord Apps Development and Marketing, an all-round IT solutions provider aiming to help clients from different industries with the best and bespoke IT as well as mobile app solutions. Our team is backed by a pool of professional and experienced consultants, boasting over 15 years of experience in the field of IT industry.

Our team specializes in the app development services, both in iOS and Android platforms. We perfectly understand that it is the call of time to implement modern measures to promote one’s brand and business forward. And, we let the clients achieve that with our apps promotion and development services.

Challenges faced

Being a professional app development company in Hong Kong, we have a clientele encompassing businesses of all sizes, ranging from SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) to MNCs (Multinational Corporation). Before using ProofHub, we faced the problem of extra administrative workload while handling our projects.

We were unable to keep track of the task progress, and were not even able to effectively gather and organize the materials sent by clients. The reason being that our clients did not like the addition of an extra project management tool and used emails for their daily media sharing. Often, the clients needed to upload and send the same material quite a number of times due to changes and feedback. All this, however, only led to huge confusions, with the problem becoming even more serious during peak season.

Fortunately, we found ProofHub to help!

We chose ProofHub as our trustable and reliable partner for project management. ProofHub has really helped us a lot in managing & communicating between our team and clients, providing an effective two-way communication platform. We can now use the Gantt Chart in ProofHub to keep track of all the tasks. Also, ProofHub’s email-in feature has enabled our clients to reply and receive discussions directly through their email. Both our team and our clients like the “Proof the file” function, as it allows the comments and feedback on the fly.

We enjoy using ProofHub; it has already become our day-to-day co-working partner, and is continually helping us a lot with our mobile app development projects.

ProofHub has really helped us in managing an effective two-way communication platform, between our team and clients.

We would like to give due credit to ProofHub as it has helped us in accomplishing our business goals and made our app projects a success!