8 unique ways of celebrating International Women’s Day at work in 2024

Ways of celebrating international women's day at work

“There’s something so special about a woman who dominates in a man’s world. It takes a certain grace, strength, intelligence, fearlessness, and the nerve to never take no for an answer.” Rihanna

In times when women command respect in modern-day, inclusive workplaces, it’s time to appreciate and celebrate their honest efforts at work on the upcoming International Women’s Day i.e. 8 March 2024. 

I am amazed at how women perform their daily tasks at work with utmost dedication and responsibility and manage their domestic duties equally and efficiently. 

I would say that women are the true multitaskers – great team members, caring mothers, affectionate wives, progressive managers and whatnot. 

A large number of companies across the globe have started making arrangements to make their female team members feel special and valued for their hard work and contribution to their respective organizations. 

I believe you have grand plans too for your female workforce on a special day. 

If you are scrambling for inspiring and fun ways to delight your lovely women in the office, we have your back already! 

In this article, I have listed some unique ways to celebrate Women’s day in your office, which will help you make this occasion truly memorable in every sense. 

So, let’s get started with it! 

What is International Women’s Day? 

International Women’s Day is commemorated every year on March 8 to celebrate the cultural, social, political, and economic accomplishments of women. It is the day when women’s contributions in all aspects of life are recognized and honoured across the globe. The day also symbolizes women’s fast-growing equality and inclusivity in all spheres of life. 

The first International Women’s Day was celebrated in 1911 and remains a significant moment to mark women’s continuous progress and advancing equality in all walks of life.

8 fun ways to celebrate International Women’s Day at work

Since it is a memorable day for your valued women team members, it would be awesome to add a touch of fun and excitement to your International Women’s Day (IWD) celebrations in the office. 

And that’s exactly what made me pen down this article – to help you make this moment a truly joyful experience for your ladies. Because when it comes to celebrating International Women’s Day in our office space, every team member of ProofHub goes out of their way to make our women feel proud and delighted. 

In fact, we have implemented all of these unique ways to celebrate Women’s Day in the office, and I can assure you won’t get any better ideas than these. 

So, let’s get started! 

1. It’s photoshoot time for #InspireInclusion!

On International Women’s Day,  encourage your team members of all genders to strike an inspiring pose and share it across social media platforms with the hashtags #InspireInclusion and #IWD2024.

This isn’t about focusing on clothing or appearances. It’s about celebrating diversity and showcasing your company’s commitment to an inclusive workspace where everyone feels valued and empowered. 

Besides images, you can also post your videos, blogs, and other resources, which will showcase your company as an all-inclusive workspace that offers equal opportunities to women and encourages gender equality.

2. Reward and recognize 

Here’s an eye-opening stat for you – 36% of organizations that have an employee recognition program have an upper hand over their competition. 

I firmly believe that rewarding and recognizing female employees is one of the main ways of empowering women at the workplace. What better day than the IWD 2024 to do this exercise?  

And yes, I would suggest you keep your planned award ceremony as a surprise for your women workforce. We all know how women love surprise gifts! You can reward your female employees with online shopping coupons, cash rewards, gym memberships, Netflix subscriptions, or personalized products based on their preferences. 

And yes, if you’re using a powerful project management software like ProofHub, you can use the Announcements feature to mention the names of all your female employees and what awards they have been awarded after the IWD celebrations are over. 

3. Take them out for a lavish lunch 

This one remains on the top of our list every year as one of the important International Women’s Day celebration ideas. And no matter how special the occasion is, it remains incomplete without great food. So, this IWD 2024, make sure you plan a lavish lunch for your female employees. You can take them out for lunch, or organize them on your office premises. 

Irrespective of the place where you plan lunch, make sure that it is decorated tastefully as a thoughtful gesture of the management. Welcoming your female employees with flowers as soon as they step into the office would be a great way to kickstart things on a special day. 

We salute the unwavering spirit of millions of women who play multiple roles in their lives with grit and determination like no other. Happy International Women’s Day!”

4. A session on gender equality 

To show how considerate your organization is for advocating gender equality in the workplace, organize a session that focuses on this topic that has generated a lot of interest in the last decade. Now, this session should not just focus on the growing influence of women in the workplace but also on disparities that still exist. 

Think of topics like: 

  • Biased pay structure in the corporate sector.
  • Steps your organization is taking to manage the pay gap issue.
  • Inspiring leaders who took vital measures to make the workplace gender-neutral. 

The session should educate your team members about gender inequality in the workplace in current times, and your organization’s plan to effectively address such issues. You can also break the bais by offering women leadership roles without prejudice or preconceived notions. 

Read and be inspired to assist women rule from the front. Reasons Why We Need More Women In Leadership Roles

5. A warm ‘thank you’ says it all

It’s kind of unfortunate how the power of a simple, warm ‘thank you’ is undermined on grand occasions like IWD 2024. At ProofHub, every effort is made to make this day as personalized as possible so it doesn’t look like any other formal event. And saying thank you to all our female employees is an integral part of the entire exercise. 

When celebrating International Women’s day in the office, a collective warm, courteous, thank you by all team members would do your female employees’ confidence a world of good. In addition, you can leave personalized messages on their desks. 

Even if you’re managing a team of remote employees, you can still create that feeling of warmth and belongingness with your female employees through creative thank-you videos that involve your entire team. In addition to sharing a creative thank you video, I will also suggest you send personalized emails to double the happiness of women who daily grind it out for your organization.

6. Stick uplifting quotes on women’s empowerment

I confess that this is one of my favorite ideas of celebrating International Women’s Day at work. Words have an indefinite power to leave a lasting impression on people. Imagine walking in the office and seeing powerful motivational quotes on your office walls. Surely, a simple but effective way to lift the morale of your female employees. 

So, pick out some of the most powerful quotes on International Women’s Day and get them pasted on your office walls on colorful papers. You can also play a slideshow of such motivational quotes on a large screen in the office on this day to provide a great experience to your female employees. 

Want to give your entire team hearty pat on the back? Check out Employee Appreciation Quotes For Good Team Work

7. Donate for a charitable cause 

If you want to make a difference this IWD 2024, you have to do something that is worth it. Donation to a charitable organization that supports underprivileged women and their causes is another thoughtful idea to celebrate the special day. You should do thorough research on which NGO you want to donate to and what activities they undertake to make women’s lives better. 

When choosing the right NGO, you can consider a couple of factors: 

  • Charities that offer emotional and practical support to women affected by domestic violence, child abuse, war and other conflicts. 
  • Charities that work on protecting rights, providing education and food to underprivileged girls.

Involve your employees and ask them to contribute any amount of money they want to. Remind them that even small steps can make a big difference in others’ lives. 

8. Eliminate the hiring bias

Yes, the corporate sector is providing an increasing number of opportunities to women even in higher positions. However, cracks still exist in the hiring process. According to a report, male candidates have a 40% higher chance of being called in for an interview as compared to female candidates. 

Women candidates, despite having required skills and experience, still face this issue, which should be addressed at earliest. This International Women’s Day, it is a perfect opportunity to eliminate such hiring bias from the workplace. 

You can implement certain changes to your organization’s recruiting process to ensure unbiased employee screening. Here are some pointers: 

  • Including gender-neutral questions during the interview 
  • Excluding personal information from resumes
  • Have a diverse hiring team
  • Offer bias training for all interviewers

Happy International Women’s Day 2024!

Whether it is personal life or professional work sphere, women have made their way to the top through sheer hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and determination. Along with men, they play a vital role in taking your organization towards greater heights. 

So, this International Women’s Day, make sure you make your women leaders and employees feel on top of the world! Appreciate them, reward them, respect them. The list of unique activities listed in this article will surely delight your office women on a special day. 


What can be done in the Office for women Day?

You can organize fun activities in the office as a mark of respect for your female employees. You can give thoughtful gifts and reward them for good performance.

What is the best way to celebrate women Day?

The best way to celebrate women’s day is to take strong decisions that focus on women empowerment and remove any type of bias towards women.

What games can be played on women Day?

Some fun and charming games to play on women’s day are:

  • Empowering charades
  • Role reversal
  • Women’s history trivia
  • A blindfolded makeup
  • Name that movie
  • Guess the truth

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