ProofHub Made It to The Forbes List Of America’s Best Startup Employers 2021

ProofHub Made It to The Forbes List Of America's Best Startup Employers

“It’s the human assets and not the tangible assets that help an organization outperform its competitors.” – Vartika Kashyap

There is no doubt in the fact that employees are the key asset for any organization. At ProofHub, we believe in the same philosophy. It has always been our top priority to make ProofHub a gratifying and fulfilling place for our employees and it looks like we’re on the right track as ProofHub has been listed in the Forbes list of America’s Best Startup Employers 2021.

This comes a year after we went into lockdown and had to learn to do the same things that we were earlier doing but in a completely different way now. The ability of our team to collaborate and adjust to the past year’s challenges successfully, and helping the company scale rapidly, makes this recognition even more meaningful.

The distinction from Forbes will enable us to keep pursuing our mission of powering best-in-class project management solutions while developing a rewarding and positive work environment for our team members.

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How did we make it to the Forbes list of America’s best startup employers? 

Forbes recognizes the fact that the American startup scene is renowned for its dynamism and innovative drive. In order to attract the best talent for ensuring company growth, startups need to compete with each other and with corporations that hold more spending power.

The Best Startup Employer 2021 list by Forbes is a result of intensive research conducted by Statista – the marketing research company. The study examined top performing startups as an employer through defined KPIs to help potential employees find innovative and successful startups to work for.

The list was compiled by evaluating around 2,500 American businesses with at least 50 employees based on over 7 million data points. The top 500 companies receiving the highest total score were mentioned in the revered list of America’s Best Startup Employers 2021.

The evaluation of the 2,500 companies was done on the basis of the following major criteria: 

  • Employee Satisfaction: Extensive research on the length of employment and online employer reviews about the company.
  • Employer Reputation: Extraction of company-specific information using social media channels like news, review sites, blogs, and social networks.
  • Company Growth: Evaluation of website traffic, headcount growth rates, and job Openings.

What ProofHub’s CEO have to say about this?

Here at ProofHub, our people are the core of everything we do. We prioritize providing solid benefits to our team and make sure there is a tremendously inclusive employee experience with an environment that focuses on a people-first, values-first culture. Thus, it was not a tough job for ProofHub to tick off all the boxes of Statista’s selection criteria.

“Our employees are our greatest asset and the cornerstone of ProofHub’s success. It feels proud to lead a team that is passionate about supporting each other and delivering the best solutions to our customers.,”  says Sandeep Kashyap, the founder, and CEO of ProofHub, when asked about how he’s feeling about this achievement.

Sandeep further says, “Our company culture is the most important thing for us, and we work hard to maintain it well. It is centered around hiring the best talent and creating an environment built on transparency, trust, empowerment, and empathy. I’m proud of team ProofHub and so grateful for all that we have accomplished together.”

What Makes ProofHub A Great Place To Work?

We believe that a workplace must consist of an environment that inspires an individual to deliver their skills and abilities not just for the development of the company but for their professional growth as well. 

After all, the success of your business largely depends on the kind of company culture you foster in the workplace. It affects every little aspect of your business, and that is the reason we make sure that our employees find ProofHub as the “best place to work.”

To create a work environment that focuses on employee productivity, well-being, engagement, and happiness, we place ourselves in the employee’s shoes. We ask them the following questions to know them better, think from their point of view, and anticipate their needs in a better way.

#How can we make work more fun for you? 

Work being all doom and gloom is the last thing we want and that’s the reason we regularly ask our employees about the things they like to do in order to deal with the stress and use those ideas to make work more fun for the team.

We come up with friendly competitions or events that employees can participate in and give awards to the winners.

It works as a stress buster and gives our team members a boost to be more productive at work. We also conduct regular office sports tournaments to encourage camaraderie and ensure physical fitness.

#If you were in our shoes, how would you deal with it?

This helped us deal with the hardships that we had to face during the tough times of the pandemic.

It would be a lie if we said that it was easy for us to adapt to the new style of working. So, every time we found it difficult to get work done, we gave our team the freedom to deal with things their own way and also took their advice on how to manage it all instead of bulldozing them with unrealistic expectations.

We believe that providing your team members an opportunity to work it out on their own enables them to think through the challenge, and come up with a solution that provides them a sense of pride in their accomplishment.

And to our surprise, it really worked pretty well, and we could actually function as smoothly as we did on regular pre-pandemic days. 

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#How can we set you up for greater success?

Yes, the overall company development progress is our ultimate goal, but we’re more than happy to see our employees grow and succeed at everything they do. 

We constantly motivate our employees to achieve more by discussing their professional as well as personal goals and making an effort to help them achieve the same. It brings in a sense of accomplishment and provides them overall happiness in the workplace which is quite crucial to team productivity.

For example, some of our team members cited weight management as their personal goal for 2021. We then started organizing sports tournaments (like mentioned above), exercise routines, and trekking sessions in order to help them reach their goals.

And, If we talk about professional goals, we help our team to set challenging yet achievable goals. Once the goals are set, we ask them to explain how they plan to meet them and encourage them to break down the goals into smaller tasks so that their progress can be monitored periodically.

The Endnote

The success of an organization ultimately comes down to its workforce. Thinking of your employees as robots who are simply there to do whatever you tell them will eventually lead to the company’s undoing. For us, our team members are treasured members of the ProofHub family, and we believe in treating them well with compassion and understanding so that their “I have to go to work” get replaced by “I want to go to work.”

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