ProofHub straightens “zigzags” in small and medium businesses


When we talk about a business, making the most out of time, money and resources is considered the primary motto. While this is important for businesses of all sizes, it’s a “must” for small and medium businesses. Why? Obviously, with limited number of resources, they can fully grow only if they are reaping maximum profit from what they have invested.

But what is not obvious is that most of the companies hardly do so. Even though each and every member of the company puts in the best, the company doesn’t progresses to that extent.

Are your resources underutilized?

More often in SMBs, it is seen that majority of the employees are multitaskers. This means that if one is into business development, he/she might be the support staff as well. And due to multiple roles, things become messy and disintegrated like zigzags.

If we go with the basic principles of project management, it is recommended that a project plan with clear activities should be defined from the beginning. Though we can make alterations time to time, but a specified timeline for starting and ending, along with tasks assigned to respective personnel is something that every firm should have.

However, with multiple projects in hand, companies lack in organizing their resources efficiently. Taking advantage of a online project management tools like ProofHub can minimize utilization issues and helps you deal better.

Managing your assets, people and projects through an easy-to-use interface is what “ProofHub” all about.

1. Manage your time – Do more in less

As you start with a project there are so many things lined up to be done, out of which planning stands as the first step. Defining an outline of how things will execute step-by-step saves much of your time and effort. But what if maximum of your time gets consumed in the planning itself? There is no benefit then!

ProofHub discussions, notes and many other tools it comprises of, are a good way to timely wrap up the planning process. All you get is a common space, where you can share and explain project related things and can save important points there itself.

2. Get as much as possible from your resources

SMBs ( small and medium businesses) have limited number of people working and they are multitaskers. While they are assigned different tasks time to time, recurring emails and calls result out in messy inboxes and miscommunication, which ultimately costs your company.

Imagine if there is a dashboard which simplifies task assignment and viewing; there will be no mess! Well, ProofHub to-do’s is just the thing. It lets you assign tasks to people and respective individuals can see their task list on a single screen.

3. Manage your resources well – Track down things

Even when everything is planned and assigned, you need to see whether things are going the way they are supposed to be or not. Only if you keep track of things, you will be able to deliver them on time. However, with multiple projects running simultaneously, it becomes hard to check progress of each project in a single go. Using innumerable tools won’t help too.

ProofHub’s, overview lets you take a glance of latest updates across all projects. Moreover, ProofHub Gantt charts are a good way out to track progress of each project as a whole. While its collapsed view visualizes the to-do list of the projects, its expanded view gives an insight of tasks and subtasks of different projects.

However, this isn’t it; ProofHub has got much more than that!

Why ProofHub only – Because simplicity matters!

Even if you use a “small business project management software”, to keep things in sync, it is important to see if the software works according to your style or not. A project management software with a larger learning curve requires you and your employees to spare time learning its usage. But that’s certainly not affordable!

You need something which offers best management features in the simplest form. This is where ProofHub stands above all. The good part is that ProofHub’s design and functionality has been made keeping in focus the needs of small and medium enterprises. Give it a try!!