ProofHub helps teams to make the most of their time


Time is an asset for a business. A business that is looking to become something BIG, it must make the most of time it has got at hands. And, how does it achieve this? By making sure that every team members know the value of sticking to timelines.

Here is a look at first of all the challenges that teams have to face when it comes to time management -

  • Poorly managed schedules
  • Undefined timelines
  • Inefficient time tracking
  • Missed deadlines
  • Overspending time on less-important tasks

As a team leader or a manager, you can get the team members to spend eight hours at work. But, how do you make sure that they are making the most of their time during these eight hours? This is exactly where the need of an efficient time management system like ProofHub arises.

And, here we are going to show you how ProofHub works as a time management system to make teams more efficient. Let us have a look -

Set time estimates to improve efficiency

It all begins when the person who is assigned the task knows how much time he or she has in hands. With ProofHub you get the option to set a start and end date for each task. That’s not all - you even get the option to add estimated hours or minutes for each task based on your assumption and analysis of how much time it should take to complete the task.

This paints a clear picture to the team member who is assigned to the task. As a result of this, they can plan their schedule and make sure that the tasks are completed within the assigned time.

For example, suppose you have assigned the task of writing a blog pitch for a new topic to one of your writers. You can add an estimated time of 8 hours along with the task to make sure that the writer knows when he is supposed to be ready with the draft. This makes team members more accountable for the work they are doing, and at the same time helps them plan their tasks and schedule according to these time estimates.

Track time for each task

ProofHub also gives you the option to track time spent on each task. There is an in-built timer that allows you to track every minute and every second you are spending while working on tasks.

Team members can switch on the timer as soon as they start working on a task. And, switch it off when the task is completed. The time data is recorded in timesheets, which managers can access to know the by-minute details.

At the same, you can make manual time entries for each task as well.

For example, you have been assigned a task to complete a web design mockup with an estimated 6 hours. You can start the timer and get going with the task, and record all the time data in a timesheet. This timesheet can be further used in a number of ways, like measuring employee efficiency, billing the clients and more (explained in detail in the subsequent points)

Timesheets for quick, and easy billing

The time data recorded using timer or by making manual time entries is stored in beautiful and easy-to-understand timesheets. These timesheets can be downloaded, shared with clients with just a single click.

The best part is that these timesheets can be transported directly into third party apps like Freshbooks to prepare invoices and bill the clients without any hard work. This can be helpful in particular when you are dealing with hourly clients.

For example suppose you have been hired by a client to work on a design task for 20 hours. You can simply get on with the task and track time spent on it using the timer. The time data you get in the timesheets by the end of it all, you can straightaway share with the client. And, that’s about it!

Keep keep by-minute records of each employee

Bringing all the time data at one place, there are Time reports in ProofHub’s time management tool. Time reports work as the one place where managers, team members and decision makers can go to get a clear picture on how team members are spending their time at work.

For instance, if you are the manager of a team and you want to know how well did the team members manage their time in the previous project. You can simply go to these time reports in ProofHub and get by-minutes details of -

  • Which task consumed how many hours
  • Which resources spend majority of their time on what tasks
  • And, similar other statistics

These figures can be of great help while planning future projects. As you can get to know about which tasks are consuming more than expected time, and which ones are consume lesser than anticipated time, you can become better at allocation of resources for similar projects in the future.

This way ProofHub’s time management system can help you become more efficient and help you deliver projects always on time!

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