Marketing has got new trends- Have you geared up?


What does the word “Marketing” brings to your mind? A group of audiences, a product, any strategy or probably any advertising media. Regardless of what your marketing vision is, the ultimate goal is to sell the product or service to customers. But while you are making efforts to grab attention of the audience and gain their confidence, the real thing that determines your success is the “Strategy”.

As soon as you own a business you will realize how challenging it is to get an extra edge over others. There used to be a time when the whole marketing thing was limited to a handful of TV channels, some magazines and a few radio stations. And those traditional tools of communication including telephonic calls and emails used to work. But with growing technology, things have changed completely. Today, there is a whole new cluster of advertising media with their count ranging from hundreds to thousands to even millions and so on.

Are your advertising tactics good enough?

Identifying customer needs and communicating benefits is no more sufficient; but to manage everything on time, without missing deadlines. To streamline things, you need a centralized system that synchronizes communication and management. And this is where the concept of using a project management and collaboration software like ProofHub, comes into picture.

Let’s discuss here a few key activities which every marketing firm should execute and how ProofHub simplifies the overall process.

1. A clear-cut objective

From the beginning itself, your advertising goals should be clearly defined and understood to your team. At this point, the way you define your target determines how effectively it is achieved. And, if you are using those traditional tools of pen, paper and email to communicate your intent, certainly you will end up in a mess.

With so much to do already, you need a system that lets you plan your marketing strategy and its implementation as well. ProofHub’s centralized approach offers a collaborative environment where you can can share, discuss and define marketing objectives with your team. Here is how ProofHub lets you set things on the right track.

2. Assign, track and evaluate your project progress

Marketers are always occupied with an array of to-dos and there is hardly any time for them to see who is doing what, or know the progress of the project. Interestingly, if one pays attention to this ignored yet crucial job; things would come out more excellently.

Using ProofHub to-do lists for assigning tasks and timesheets to see duration of tasks, all in a single dashboard, things become easy and instant. It eliminates the long email threads and lets you take glance of the project at once.

Have a look here to learn how to stay more organized.

3. Deliver deal on time

In realm of marketing, there is no place for word “missed” or “delay”. If you are not doing your work on time, your customers might end up in disappointment and any of your competitors will surely grab the opportunity. More simply, implementation of marketing strategies should be done timely, so that so that you can wrap up project according to the deadlines.

ProofHub’s calendar lets you schedule important deliverables as milestones by setting a due date for each. Moreover, its Gantt chart allows to view the progress of the assigned tasks. Once a task is complete, it will notify you that a particular milestone has been achieved.

It’s time to manage better!

The bottom line is that even if you integrate exceptional marketing skills and capabilities, but to make a hit, you need something extra! There are numerous others playing in the market and your audience is smart enough. In order to reap the best from your marketing attempts, you have to use up to the mark marketing strategies and tools. Ready to go?