ProofHub for Remote Teams


Working remotely in today’s globalized environment is surely a perk for employees as well as employers. As the company saves money in terms of infrastructure and equipments, employees get the freedom to work from anywhere which cuts down on transportation as well. While this happens for the good, a major challenge is for the managers having mobile workforce.

With geographically scattered employees, managing people, connecting with each and everyone, taking work updates certainly becomes a backbreaking job. Let’s take an insight to the common challenges faced by managers handling geographically dispersed teams and how to overcome such issues with the help of a remote project management software like ProofHub.

Communicating with scattered team

It is one of the biggest challenges among managers as connecting with every single employee working remotely is quite uncertain. One needs to set time along with a good communication channel for seamless interaction. ProofHub being an effective online collaboration tool simplifies the problem.

To schedule meetings, you can simply create events specifying date and time in your ProofHub account and can subscribe required team members to respective event. Subscribed people will receive notifications and can organize accordingly.

To conduct meetings, you can create a group of selected team members using group chat and can interact with them in real-time. So no more need to waste time, money and effort on face-to-face meetings.

To encourage ideas, suggestions and feedbacks from your scattered team, take advantage of ProofHub discussions where anyone can start a topic and others can participate to put forward their views in the form of comments about it.

Tracking employee productivity

Measuring the productivity levels of employees in a non-office environment is quite important. At times, employees neglect the importance of work because there is no boss to look over them.

However, a manager need not to keep a constant watch over his employees, but can make use of an online project tracking tool like ProofHub to remain updated with what his employees are up to. You can set important project dates as milestones so that concerned employees remain aware of their deliverables.

Also, ProofHub Gantt charts as well as ProofHub reports to your projects’ progress and performance of your team. Timesheets are also an efficient way to know how much time has been spent by an employee on a given task.

Interaction across different time zones

Communicating with remote teams does not only means connecting with distant people but at times, there are time zones and language differences as well. However, using ProofHub every member of your mobile workforce can work according to their preferred dialect and time zone.

Sharing information in real time

Users across different networks can share files of all formats, so remote users can simply upload documents, design, etc. into their ProofHub files section and can share it as desirable.

Security issues

Sharing data and other crucial information across different networks poses theft risks that can lead to leakage of critical data. However, exchanging information through ProofHub one need not to worry about any such security threats as ProofHub offers 100% secure data transmission by applying SSL encryption to all transfers.

Though, managing remote teams demand greater level of management proficiency and ProofHub being an all-in-one project management software offers a central repository where all the work related information can be stored, shared, edited, no matter the distance, time and language between the manager(s) and team(s). Take the free trial today!