ProofHub helps transform MAD agencies into AD Agencies

MAD is a term used to describe someone who has lost sanity, which is quite a common scenario when you are working as part of an advertising agency. In their effort to come up with new ideas and innovative ad campaigns, they have to juggle between so many things.

Quick meetings, strategies and trends changing daily, and things scattered all over - the scenes at an Ad agency are usually chaotic. It won’t be wrong to say that working in an ad agency is almost like working in a mad house.

This is where ProofHub comes across as the perfect help. Here is how ProofHub, a complete project management tool for advertising agencies, can save Ad agencies from getting MAD -

One place for all your meetings and discussions

The first things that happens in the life of teams working in ad agencies is quick briefings and team meeting as soon as they enter the office premise. However, in order for the meeting to start you need everyone to be present on the table. This can be quite daunting, and time consuming as there’s always someone in the team who is running late.

But, with ProofHub you don’t need to wait for anyone to join. Create a Discussion topic, add collaborators to it and start discussing. Anyone who joins in the middle of the discussion because of running late can check the discussion thread and easily join-in at any moment. So, there will be no time wasted in conducting meetings and waiting for people to come.

A custom role for everyone

It can be quite cumbersome for the manager to handle different people with different roles in an advertising team. You need to maintain a separate record of what information needs to shared with which team member and so on. This can make anyone go insane. Considering the fact that that there are so many roles and so many individuals working together to make the ad campaign successfully it can be more than handful for a manager to manage all this without the right technology.

This is where Custom roles in our project management software for advertising teams can be of great help. You can assign a role to each team member, and give them access to information relevant to them only. By doing this neither them, nor you will end up losing your sanity having to read virtually countless email threads.

Task management made quick, efficient and easy

Another factor that can drive a manager insane when handling advertising campaigns is the task allocation process. You have to draft a separate email to every individual, and then follow up with everyone using an email to see how they are progressing. At the end of it all, the manager is left with nothing more than a stocked up pile of email threads. Reading them can consume a big chunk of the day, forget about the time it will take to take action upon them.

But with ProofHub’s Task management tool, you can create a Task list for each team member. Add their tasks to the list, assign them and set a start and due date for each task. You can even keep track of the task progress, as ProofHub shows you task completion percentage as well. So, the email volleyball you and your team used to play comes to an end with ProofHub.

Keep things streamlined with custom workflows and kanban boards

When there is so much happening within the team you need to have a system in place for things to remain on the right track. Workflows and kanban board in ProofHub gives teams in these advertising agencies a system that helps them define their work processes.

For instance, they can create a basic workflow like -

Advertising Ideas: Ideas to be worked upon: Ideas in progress: Delivery

One can understand with a glance that as soon as a new project comes, there are some ideas being discussed. Out of all those ideas, you move a few that can be worked upon during the campaign. From this list, individuals assigned to each idea can start working (which can be moved to the in-progress stage). And, once the implementation part is completed it can be moved to the delivered stage.

At each stage of the task, you can assign individuals responsible to handle that particular stage and set estimated time duration for the task in which it must be completed. So there is no confusion, everything is in flow, people become more accountable as they know the task is in their stage, and tasks get completed on time.

BTW you can also add labels (urgent, in progress or create custom labels) in tasks moving through these stages to make sure everyone knows about the urgency and importance of the task.

Quick feedback over creatives and advertising content

A big part of advertising involves formulating creative content, documents and advertising materials. These are generally in the form of banners, business brochures, campaign taglines, storylines for advertisements and similar other hardcore creative stuff.

While the tried and method to get feedback from collaborators on such creative content could be sharing them over email to each individual, but the time and hassle involved in this could eat up a big chunk of the day. But, with Online proofing tool in our project management software for advertising teams, getting feedback and approval on all the creatives becomes as easy as 1-2-3. Anyone can simply upload the file, add stakeholders, from whom you want to get the feedback, and they can instantly share their thoughts using markup tools, and suggest changes. They can even approve the files with just a single tick, once the changes have been worked upon.

Bring all the schedules at one central place

Advertising teams can mark every important day and event in ProofHub Calendar to make sure that any important activity or occasion does not slip away.

As a matter of fact, you can sync your Google Calendar and iCal to ProofHub calendar and bring all your personal as well as professional schedules at a single place. So, there will be no scope of missing out on any important act while having to manage separate calendars for separate activities. ProofHub works as the one central place for everything!

And, you can also add milestones in calendar as well.

Make the most of time - every time!

Time is money in advertising - you cannot afford to waste even a moment of the day. With ProofHub Timer and Timesheets teams can always manage their time efficiently. The person assigning the task can set an estimated time during which the assigned person has to finish the task. So, he/she gets an idea of how much time he/she needs to spend working on it and can plan their each day for delivering maximum efficiency.

And, once the task is completed they can enter the number of hours spent working on a particular task, which gets saved in Timesheets. These timesheets can be used further for performance evaluation, billing the clients (in case you are working on hourly basis), and keep check on the team efficiency without having to stress your mind using our project management software for advertising teams.

No scattered data across different apps and platforms

When you are working on advertising campaigns there is a lot of data circulating. Whether you talk about advertising collaterals, client requirements, campaign scopes, minutes of meeting or similar other Files and documents, everything remains scattered across different apps, drives, computers and in written form.

But with ProofHub you get a common place to store all this. With ProofHub Files you get a single place to access all your files no matter where they are stored. You can either upload them within ProofHub files or easily access them from within ProofHub whether they are stored in Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox or Box.

Similarly you can also use ,Notes in ProofHub to write and store all your written communications, scope documents, minutes of meeting or everything else that you need in written format.

The best part is that you can easily share these files and notes with anyone and everyone

Project manager to keep an eye on everything

A great feature that you get in our project management software for advertising teams is that of assigning a Project manager for each of your campaigns. This Project manager gets the superpowers like real-time project updates, project progress reports and more. So, they can keep an eye on everything in the project, iterate project plans, manage resources more efficiently and do everything that’s required to make every advertising campaign a hit!

Analyze team and campaign performance

Just to make sure that the most important part of the job i.e. reporting and analysis is done in the most effective manner once the campaign has been run successfully, ProofHub has insightful Reports.

These reports, which have been categorized into Project reports, Resource reports and Time reports, give you an in-depth analysis of your project completion, resource allocation and their performance, time utilization and overall efficiency of the team. You don’t need to stress your brain crunching numbers to figure out how did the team perform and was the project a success for the agency or not. These reports can help you analyze and each and everything so that you can plan for future campaigns more efficiently.

Make it part of your advertising family!

And, to add a little more personal touch to the tool you have the option to White label ProofHub in a color and theme of your choice. As a matter of fact, you can create a custom domain name for the account and upload your agency’s logo as well!

With the white-labeling feature in our project management software for advertising teams becomes a part of your advertising family. :)

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for our free trial!