ProofHub for IT companies – Make sure your projects are smooth-sailing

IT Companies

Managing IT projects can be a real pain. Every single day, one exhausts his time chasing project updates, conducting status meetings, settling issues, answering management and superiors, but at the end of the day, all one is left with is:

  • Missing and scattered information in the form of bits of paper, incomplete reports, etc.
  • Countless emails from employees, colleagues and superiors
  • Non-productive meetings where no conclusions were drawn
  • Interruptions that make you lose focus on your work
  • Disconnected tools such as spreadsheets, that inform you of just nothing

In short, things get out of your hand which ultimately leads to project failure. At times, the reason is over-budgeting, sometimes shortage of time and resources. No matter what the reasons are, sooner or later a project manager realizes that it is all because of mismanagement.

Ending all the chaos that happens back and forth during a project is directly linked to effective IT project management and collaboration. While your own management and communication skills matter a lot here, using a project management tool like ProofHub helps you to fetch maximum benefits, minimizing the project failure risks.

ProofHub manages all your projects in a single hub; all tasks, events, files, notes, conversations, etc. are stored in a single place for easy access, though with separate project blocks. It’s a complete solution because it:

  • Unifies your work, data and communication
  • Offers a clear insight into work and resources
  • Improves efficacy as it can be easily adopted
  • End-to-end project management

Not only during project execution, ProofHub comes as a boon even during the planning process. There is nothing you need a pen and paper for; simply create projects and add tasks, reminders, milestones, events, notes inside them; everything is done online. To share your project details with team members and clients; simply add them in projects.

Furthermore, you can assign tasks to your team members and fix start and end date for them. And, this isn’t it, you can organize your work much better by adding subtasks and creating to-do lists.

Facilitate best collaboration between your people

As far as the collaboration during a project is concerned, ProofHub discussions makes it no sweat. Discussions in ProofHub lets you exchange ideas and thoughts over a certain topic. For more instant conversations, you can use ProofHub chat and group chat. So you can talk to a person or group anytime for project related matters.

Tracking status of tasks, events and milestones, etc. is important for timely delivery of the project. This is where ProofHub timesheets and Gantt charts can be of great help. Your team members can update hours spent by them on project tasks, so you can directly view who did what and for how much time.

Coordinating with offshore teams and clients becomes seamless with ProofHub Timezones. Users can set their preferred time zones and can create events according to that as other team members will be able to view them according to their timezone.

ProofHub reports – Monitor your projects in one go

While daily, weekly, monthly reports are a headache for employees as well as managers; ProofHub reports makes it a piece of cake for everyone. You can monitor your projects’ progress in terms of time, resources utilized, current, late and upcoming project items, etc. everything on a single screen.

More time to innovate

ProofHub ends the work chaos caused by disparate tools & processes and unifies all your projects for smooth planning, execution and deliverance. So, there is no more need to ping 5 people to know one thing; simply login to your ProofHub and get updated with the latest project info.

So, there is less time dissipating your energy into non-productive matters and more time focusing and innovating on what should be done next. Take the free trial.