How IT & Software companies use ProofHub to solve their problems

IT Companies

It can be quite chaotic to work in an IT company. When in full flow, the inside of an IT company can be nothing less than a mad-house. Flying email requirements. Constantly changing client needs. Frequent deadlines. New tasks. And, what not - it’s almost as if you are working in a battlefield under attack.

Amidst all this chaos, our project management software for IT teams brings the sense of calmness that teams need! As a complete project management and team collaboration tool, ProofHub brings with it a bouquet of powerful features that brings sanity in the life of IT and Software teams.

Here is how ProofHub makes IT easy -

Teams, Managers, Clients

Managers can create Custom roles in ProofHub projects to define who gets to see what and who gets to access what. With each role you get the option to provide access to different sections in ProofHub. It’s like hierarchy you have in your team gets transferred into this virtual world, where your teams can continue to work the way they do in real life.

Task management

Create a Task-list, add people to the list, and assign tasks to them based on their role, designation and expertise - it’s as simple as 1-2-3.

The best part is that you can assign a start and end date for each task so that the person assigned to the task gets to know by when he or she needs to get it done.

You can even assign more than one people on complex tasks (which by the way can be further broken down in Sub-tasks for easier work management). And, when anyone is done with a task, they can mark it as complete with just a single tick in the project management tool for IT agencies.

Custom Workflows & Kanban board

Managers can utilize the Workflows and kanban board feature to make sure that everyone in the team is on the same page. Break down tasks into stages and create a custom workflow according to the process you follow within the team.

A basic workflow for any team could be something like: To do - In progress - To be reviewed - Done.


Managers can use Labels to set priority of a task. For instance, tasks with high-priority can be labelled as urgent. Similarly, team members can label the tasks which they are currently working upon as in-progress. This way labels help managers as well as team members stay updated on task statuses and work priorities.

Calendar & Scheduling

Calendar helps you break down the project silos into smaller achievable targets by setting milestones for each phase of the project. Both managers and team members can also use it as their personal scheduler to plan your tasks & activities, setting reminders for important events, and keep track of task-deadlines.

Gantt Charts & Planning

Managers can use Gantt charts to get a visual picture of how the projects are going along. A timeline based view of projects in Gantt charts help IT managers to keep an eye on how tasks are progressing. They can use simple drag functionality to set dependencies between tasks, so that team members have an idea how their work is going to put impact on the future tasks, and the overall project progress.


Team meetings are an inseparable part of the daily routine of every IT company. However, they can turn out of the number one factor behind decreased productivity of IT teams as lot of time is wasted on conducting these meetings. With ProofHub’s Online discussions you can easily conduct brainstorming sessions without arranging those meetings. Add a discussion topic, add collaborators to the topic and start discussing right away. IT companies can save a lot of time using these online discussions in ProofHub.

Group chat

For all those quick conversation, office chats and work related communication, rather than relying on clumsy emails or third party chat messengers, you can simply use ProofHub Group chat. You can communicate one on one with other team members or create your own group of people. The chat comes with countless emojis as well. So, you can bring your emotions to life during these conversations and make boring office communication lot more fun!

Time Tracking

Each team member can use Timer to track the number of hours they are investing daily on a particular task. The managers can further get to see these time entries in timesheets and get an idea of how teams are spending their hours at work. These timesheets can further be shared with clients for accurate invoicing and billing. In fact, team members can use these timesheets to know how they are spending time at work, and plan their work-speed for future projects.

File Management

You can quickly upload all your Files in ProofHub and bring all your important data at a central place. In fact, you can access data stored across major third-party applications like Google Drive, OneDrive, Box and DropBox using our project management tool for IT companies. It works as the one place for all your file management needs. There is this option to store multiple versions of the same file as well.


Teams can use Notes in ProofHub to jot down all their thoughts, ideas, minutes of meetings, client requirements, and what not. These notes can be further organized in Notebooks to keep your sanity intact while working on numerous projects at the same time. And, btw you can share these notes with anyone whenever needed to make collaboration a big HIT!

Reporting & Analysis

With ProofHub powerful Reporting and analysis tool, it becomes easy to analyze the performance of the team. Individual reports give you a quick idea of how a team member is doing, how much workload does he or she has and how many tasks are being handled by that person. Similarly project reports paint a clear picture of the entire project, with details like project progress snapshots, slipping projects, burn up charts and more.

Project Manager

We recommend IT companies to set up a Project manager for each project in ProofHub. This project manager gets access to powerful features like real-time project updates, project progress reports and more, which can be used to ensure that things don’t slip through the cracks.

White label your ProofHub account

Last, but not the least, you can give your ProofHub account a look and feel of your own. Set a theme, choose a color, create a custom domain name for the account, upload your company logo and what not. You get the option to do everything you need to get ProofHub come in proximity with your brand.

It can be quite easy to simplify the chaos that IT companies have to go through on daily basis. All it takes is a system like ProofHub that can bring various elements of managing projects and teams together. And, the fact that you can also access in your mobile (we’ve got a powerful mobile app for both Android as well as iOS) makes ProofHub just the perfect thing IT & Software companies need to stay on top of everything.

Give it a try for sure. And, you are definitely going to fall in love with it!

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for our free trial!