How ProofHub suffices the need for speed in Marketing firms


Agility and novelty are the two most important elements that make successful marketing firms. We all know about the rapid changes and volatility of the marketing field. It can be a big challenge for marketing teams to keep their pace up to these changes without having the right support by their side. And, ProofHub, a powerful project management software for marketing teams, serves the purpose of that support.

Here’s a look at how Marketing firms can use ProofHub to suffice their need for speed -

Planning campaigns

Planning is the name of the game for marketing teams. Each day they need to plan their campaigns to stay a step ahead in the competition. ProofHub empowers marketing teams to plan their efforts in quick time using Online discussions. No need to waste time in getting everyone together for a quick meeting.

Simply create a discussion topic, add relevant people to the topic and you are all set to have meaningful discussions. Plus, there are Gantt charts as well that help you plan the campaigns at each step; keeping an eye on dependent tasks and see how they are progressing.

Strategizing each step

Using Workflows and kanban boards in our project management software, marketing teams can strategize how each step of the campaign needs to progress. You can simply divide the campaign into Stages. For instance, creating marketing collaterals could be the first stage. Distribution of these collaterals to various platforms could be the second stage. Tracking their performance could be the the third and final stage. Here’s how the workflow for a typical marketing campaign could look like -

Ideas: Creating marketing collaterals: Printing: Distribution

Designating roles and responsibilities

Use Custom roles in ProofHub to define a set of responsibilities and access levels for every person in the team. For instance, you can designate separate roles for designers, copywriters, marketing trainees, and more. Based on their roles you can define and limit their access levels. This can be of great help in avoiding the confusion that generally happens due to information overdose. Every person in the team has access to information relevant to his or her work only.

As far as designating work is concerned, you can allocate and manage tasks by simply adding people to the task list and defining the work they need to do. You can use the regular task lists for simple tasks, whereas for tasks with multiple stages you can create workflow based approach in our project management software for marketing teams.

Quick and easy feedback sharing

Collaborating on creative stuff can eat up a lot of time for marketing teams; especially if they rely on the old school methods of either using emails or conducting face to face meetings. But with ProofHub feedback sharing becomes quick, easy and hassle free. Whether it is the marketing collaterals like posters, banners and other such material, content documents, or any other stuff on which you need feedback - you can simply upload it all within the Online proofing tool. Once the file is uploaded, just add collaborators from whom you want the feedback.

They can use markup tools to post comments, explain the changes required and share the feedback. Once the changes have been worked upon; and if the final result is satisfactory, the collaborators can simply approve the design. There is no need to have a never ending email conversation with each collaborator and then compiling the changes suggested. Everyone’s feedback comes at one central place in online proofing tool in our project management software for marketing teams.

Editorial calendar and publishing schedule

The core work strategy of modern-day marketing teams revolves around content. Marketing teams can keep an editorial Calendar in ProofHub to streamline their publishing schedule. With a simple workflow created to manage drafts, distribution of content across various channels, delivery dates for content, and fresh ideas that need to be poured in by the team, you can eventually make marketing efforts faster and better.

Apart from using it as editorial calendar, teams can use it to plan their marketing strategies, product launch schedules and other relevant activities. They can even synchronize their Google Calendar and iCal with ProofHub calendar to bring all their schedules and events at a single place.

Collaborate and create wonderful things

ProofHub Notes can serve as the best friend when it comes to fostering creativity within marketing teams. Team members can jot down their creative thoughts, stories and rough marketing ideas, share them with editors, designers and other stakeholders to get their feedback. This can work as a great way to convert those ideas into actionable marketing endeavors.

These notes can be organized in notebooks to keep all the information getting jumbled up. And, notes can be shared with other team members with just a single click. So, there is no need to draft emails for sharing information, minutes of meeting or any other important information related to the marketing campaign. Just jot down everything in a note and share it with people right away in our project management software for marketing teams.

Sharing accountability

Efforts poured in by different members in marketing teams are always interconnected. Task completed by the first person in the team is going to impact the tasks that the second person in line is supposed to do. For instance, the social media marketer can publish the posts only when he or she receives the the banners/graphics from the designers. With Gantt charts in ProofHub, it becomes super easy to define these dependencies between tasks.

So, everyone in the team knows how a delay in their task is going to impact the overall growth of the marketing campaign; hence everyone becomes more accountable of their tasks. And, thereby planning marketing campaigns becomes as easy as 1-2-3.

Plus the option to track time, both manually as well as using the Timer, and get all the time data recorded in timesheets allows everyone to be responsible for every minute they are investing at work. As every minute detail of their time is recorded in these timesheets, they can use the data to track their efficiency, speed up their work in the future and plan better.

Analyze campaign and team performance

The most crucial part of the job for marketing teams is to evaluate the performance of their campaigns. This analysis will help them plan their future campaigns. With Project reports in ProofHub, marketing teams can easily keep an eye on how efficient the team was in completing the projects. And, how well their time was spent across different stages in tasks with the help of Time reports. At the same time, there are resource reports as well that give a clear idea on how each team member utilized their time, how much workload do they have and similar other things. And, just in case you need to take some quick information on any aspect of the campaign, you can use Group chat and communicate instantly.

Have someone to keep a bird’s eye view on everything

You can assign a Project manager in ProofHub who gets advantages like real-time project updates, project progress reports and many more. This can help Project manager to keep an eye on not only what’s happening in the project, but also how it is happening. Based on the information received the project can further iterate plans, manage resources more efficiently or take steps that can help in keeping the campaign running on the right track.

White label it and have some fun!

Adding to the fun side of project management, ProofHub comes with the option to create a custom domain name for your account, set a theme and color for the account and even upload your company logo. This means that you can give ProofHub a personal touch to make it look close to your brand.

And, we’ve got a powerful mobile app too (for both Android as well as iOS). So, staying connected to work on the go is never going to be a problem!

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for our free trial!