Project management software for legal teams!

Legal project management

This title might get some eyebrows raised immediately. What’s the need of project management for legal teams? How would a project management system make life easy for them? They have to deal with judges and criminals, why would they need an online system for managing their stuff.

These are the most common responses that you will get against the sentence mentioned above. Yes, it is true that legal teams and law firms have to deal with criminals and matters that involve visiting a court. But, this does not mean people dealing in legal practice don’t need a system to streamline things at work.

They have to go through so many activities in a day’s work that it can be difficult most of the times to manage their daily activities. This is where something like a project management software comes into the picture.

One place for all your cases and teams (Projects and People)

We are living in a world where everything has become about efficient you are at managing things. And, legal industry is no different. Gone are the days when the job of a legal professional was confined to just visiting the courts and dealing with clients. Today legal practice has become more about value of service that a legal professional or a law firm has at offer for its clients. The only possible way to satisfy clients in the current scenario is by portraying the value your work adds to their life.

A profession of priorities and pressure

  • Aggravated clients
  • Competitive inertia
  • Frequent pressure

These are some of the common scenarios that a legal professional has to face every day. The profession requires you to be adept at handling all this. At times, however, handling all this on your own can prove too much to handle.

Sticking to old school ways of using a pen and a paper, along with emails, to manage all this can be overwhelming. Not only does it waste a lot of time, which is precious, but also shifts their focus from the important stuff to something that can be easily automated. After all, you cannot deny the time-sensitivity of these legal scenarios.

ProofHub helps legal teams stay above the curve

In the scenarios mentioned above, staying above the curve requires legal teams to have a system in place. This is where ProofHub comes into the picture. As a project management tool for law firms and legal teams, ProofHub brings together all the elements of planning, collaboration and organization.

There are different teams of lawyers working on different cases in a legal firm. Each case has its own set of team of attorneys, priorities, legal documentation, files and what not. Keeping all the data scattered on Drive or within your computer is not a smart idea. This is where projects in ProofHub can be of great help.

Create a project for each case, add the team of lawyers to the project and you are good to go. Assign tasks to each of the lawyer in the project, so that there are no clouds of doubt as to which person has to do what. Set deadlines for each project and get things going.

A great thing is that there are project templates as well. So, in case there are similar cases recurring with the team, they can simply create a project out of the already created templates and save a lot of their time!

Mark tasks with deadlines and estimated time (Tasks)

As already stated, time is the most precious resource for legal firms. A slight delay in doing things means not only irreparable loss to the client, but also a spot in the reputation of the firm.

With a project management system for lawyers in place, you can make sure that things don’t slip away. Set events for important dates like court-hearings, client meetings and more so that you don’t miss out important stuff. Set deadlines for activities like completing the filing process, gathering the required documents and more, with individuals assigned to each task.

Keep work organized (Notes and Files)

Chaos strikes the legal teams when some important document is misplaced. For instance -

  • Not being able to find an important file on the day of hearing.
  • Where is that note from the client, which you are supposed to present in front of the judge today?
  • Where’s that statement from the witness?

A slight carelessness can wreck havoc for the case, and the career of the professional who misplaced it. But with a project management system for legal teams, all the important notes, files and documents have a central place of truth. Teams can simply upload them in ProofHub and share them with relevant people in the team for them to have quick and easy access. In this way, ProofHub works as the document management system for law firms, and helps them keep everything at a central place to share, collaborate and work together.

Plan, Discuss and Prepare (Online discussions)

Planning is one of the most important aspects of legal practice. Each legal team has a blend of senior and junior legal practitioners. The seniors serve as the guide for the juniors and are generally take care of the planning part.

With a number of cases being handled by each team, it can become quite tough for the juniors to keep track of what’s being discussed in each planning session. This is where discussions in ProofHub come as a savior.

The person in charge of the case i.e. the senior attorney can create a discussion topic for the case, and invite the junior lawyers to participate in the discussion rather than arranging a face to face meeting. The entire discussion will be happening in real-time, and it will get documented in ProofHub. So, there is no need to jot down separate notes to keep record of what was discussed in the meeting when you have ProofHub’s document management system for legal teams. This way, the juniors lawyers can save themselves a lot of hassle, and time of course. And, the planning for each case can be carried out without any hiccups.

Chat & Communicate to ideate and execute plans (Group chat)

Clear communication forms the core of any business. And, legal firms are no different. In order to perform in harmony, teams of lawyers and people working in these legal firms need to have streamlined communication.

With built-in chat feature from ProofHub, communicating with the team and clients becomes effortlessly easy. From asking a quick question related to the case, to sharing the latest client update and what not, the chat feature in ProofHub let’s you do that. You can create groups as well. Plus, there are emojis too. So, the communication does not have to be boring and lifeless!

Stay sane by moving cases through stages (Workflows and kanban boards)

Legal battles run long. This is why monitoring at each step is the key. You have planned everything related to the case, and started with the execution phase. But, who is keeping an eye on the progress made? Is there someone who is tracking down the proceedings, what needs to be done next and if there is a change in strategy required?

Rather than sticking to the old method of using a pen and paper for everything, ProofHub does the job for you. You can update the proceedings in notes. Tick the tasks as completed when they are done. And, move them from one stage to another in the kanban boards to make sure that everyone knows about the progress made in each case at each step.

Plus, there is the option to define custom workflows as well - ProofHub works just like you do! You can create bespoke workflows according to the requirements of your team, and let the work proceed without having to bring changes in the way your legal teams work.

For instance, the when the initial research and evidence collection stage is completed, the assigned person can move the task to the next stage so that the next person in line to handle the case can take over.

Stay on top of everything (Gantt charts and Reports)

Plus, there are Gantt charts that can be used to mark dependencies between two phases of the case. And, Reports can be used to take a look at how the resources are being used, which attorney has how much work load and how many cases are still in progress. So, keeping an eye on everything for the top tier as well as each individual working as part of the legal team becomes quite easy.

Another amazing feature that ProofHub brings for legal teams is ‘Slipping projects’. This is a feature that gives you insight on the overdue tasks and milestones in the projects. This means - if the project is running slower than it is intended, you can get to know about it from here rather than running to team members asking for the same, and then take steps to find a solution for the issues that are causing the delay.

There’s room for everyone, and everything!

The best part is that ProofHub has plenty of room for everyone and everything! It can fit within every work culture. Whether you have a team of two or two hundred, ProofHub can help in managing things in smoothest possible manner.

It comes with a free trial that also offers unlimited users. So, if you want to take it for a spin, you can go ahead and sign-up for it without paying a single penny. Plenty of legal teams are using our tool to make their work-life easy.

And, there’s a great mobile app too!

Just to make sure that the attorneys and legal teams are always connected to work, ProofHub has got a powerful mobile app too. The app is available on both Android and iOS. With the app the attorneys can carry their work in their pocket, whether they are within the premise, out traveling, or visiting the client for a meeting.

And, just in case you still have any doubts, questions or queries related to the tool, you can always get in touch with our dedicated support team here at

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for our free trial!