Use ProofHub files section for online file management


Files section in ProofHub, is undoubtedly one of the finest services ever created in an online file management software. This is something like an online platform, where you keep all your important files related to your projects which you are managing them using ProofHub. Below are the few tips or important points, that will help you with best use of files section in ProofHub.

Share Files

One of the most useful options in ProofHub Files section is easy file sharing. You can share your files with others by sending them the link or adding them onto the ProofHub account. Every person added on the project has access to all the files added on that project. With chat feature within the ProofHub, you can share the link with the required person in real time.


Drag ‘n’ Drop

ProofHub lets you to import files to the cloud and store them there on web. You can upload the files manually from your computer, or import from your Dropbox or Google Drive account.

You can now organize your files into folders and subfolders. You will also be able to add files simply by dragging and dropping them.

Files area helps you keep everything important to your business in a single place whether its notes,commitments, presentations,files, documents etc. This allows you and your employees, colleagues, friends and clients to access everything they need anytime in the office and on the go.


Proof ‘n’ Discuss

One of the best feature of ProofHub is File Proofing. ProofHub allows you to proof your files directly from the Files section. Multiple people can draw shapes, add comments, mark changes very easily for clear and accurate feedback.

You can also start a new discussion on any file. So either you upload file for proofing or for discussion, ProofHub allows you to remain connected both ways as per your convenience.