ProofHub makes feedback and approval process faster and easier than ever!

Feedback approval process

For teams working with clients the biggest and the most time consuming process has to be getting feedback and approval for work. This becomes an even bigger challenge when you are working with remote clients. There are virtually countless challenges faced by teams when going through this process of feedback sharing and approval.

Let's first of all have a look at those challenges first -

  • Lack of clarity in feedback sharing
  • Time wasted in email volleyball
  • Collaboration between remote teams becomes impossible
  • Time lag when working in different time zones

All this generally leads to a situation where teams generally end up missing deadlines because of delay and lack of clarity in feedback sharing.

So, what can be done to bring this situation to end? This is where ProofHub comes into the picture. As a project feedback system, ProofHub allows teams to remain sane no matter how many files they need to get reviewed and approved in a day.

A powerful online proofing tool

ProofHub comes equipped with a powerful online proofing tool. With the help of this tool you can get feedback on files quickly and without any hassle. Here's a look at how it works -

  • Simply upload a file in ProofHub
  • Share it with managers, clients and decision makers
  • They can quickly share their feedback on the file within ProofHub

For example:

Suppose your team is working on a website design. For this you have assigned the designers with the task to create a mock up first and get it approved from the client. So, the first thing the designer does is that he creates the design samples. Now these design samples are shared with the client in an email. The client then shares his feedback in reply to the email, which passes through the POC in the company and then reaches the designer.

The designer then works on the feedback, makes changes in the file and shares with POC who further sends it to the client. Chances are that this email volleyball takes at least a couple of more rounds until the satisfactory results are achieved.

Come to think of it, at the end of all this you are left with a long email thread with so many files shared to and fro that chances of messing everything up become quite high. And, a slight mistake in the process could lead to complete chaos, as well as loss of time and money.

But, with ProofHub you don't have to face all this. When you use ProofHub's online proofing tool to get files approved, you can simply upload the file in ProofHub and add collaborators to it. The collaborators will get an instant notification, and they can get going with the feedback sharing. You can get to see their feedback in real time.

Markup tools

To simplify the process of feedback approval there are these simple to use markup tools. Using these tools clients and decision makers can clearly mark changes on the files so that you don't have to face any hassle in understanding the feedback.

Threaded comments

Along with the markup tools, there are threaded comments. These comments can be used to better explain the changes that have been marked on the file and simplify the entire process.

File versions

What makes the tool even more powerful is the fact that you can upload different versions for the same file to make task approval process simpler and easier than ever. Clients can compare various versions and restore the previous versions if needed.

So, you can see how ProofHub makes project feedback and task approval process clear, concise and confusion free!

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