Plan your events with ProofHub


Events hold a lot of significance at the personal, organizational and social level. These are the occasions which are associated with something very special and important. An event may call for celebration or may be associated with inviting people for a critical analysis over an important issue. It maybe an important meeting or may symbolize an important discussion over a matter. Different events hold relevance in different contexts. But every important event needs accurate planning, followup and execution. If this methodology is not adopted in serious terms, your event is bound to end up in fiasco. Your money, slogging, commitment, etc will go down the drain in no time.

There are countless examples when lack of planning over an event resulted in mess at the eleventh hour.

Your most special events like your marriage, birthdays, symposiums, book fairs, sightseeing tours, meetings, financial plans, projects, etc can end up in chaos if you did not take pains to plan and execute them well. Once things get messy in your events, no amount of money, men and resources can set them right.

Let me explain you this with a very personal experience of mine.

Though it has been my endeavor to make every birthday celebration of mine a happy and enjoyable affair, it tends to get finished on a sour note. There is everything in the party that adds to the pleasure; sweets, dancing, music, crackers, lights, etc. But still things tend to get messy at times. Sometimes sweets did not arrive in time, lights failed, the guests did not know when my party was going to start, the cake did not reach the venue when it mattered the most, etc. I tried to hire more men, arrange more resources but this did not help much. Even the additional cost incurred and putting in best of my efforts did not give me the intended result.

But one thing was certain, I did not want my birthday to end up in this ugly way. I was desperately looking for a solution for my travails.

When I narrated my saga to an acquaintance, he readily came with a solution, a time tracking software called ProofHub. He asked me to try this and feel the difference!

Though I was little apprehensive whether it would work for me or not, still I wanted to give it a try for my upcoming birthday. I noted down all the important tasks and activities that I needed to perform for my birthday in ProofHub to-do’s and set their due dates in its Calendar. I received emails when the due dates of these tasks and activities arrived forcing me to perform these tasks compulsorily. Thus, I did not miss any important information about these tasks and activities.

I was also able to put in my time-related requirements for my various tasks in its Timesheets feature. I could put in it exact date, time, user and description to describe a particular activity. By reading the entered information, I could clearly make out which particular task was performed on which particular date, how much time it consumed, which individual performed it and what was the task all about. This became a good reference for me which helped me to figure out exactly which activities I have to perform in the future and at what time to make my birthday a fun-filled event free of any hassles.

Credit must be given to this online event planning tool that has made my special moment even more special, by helping me plan and execute my most special event in a foolproof manner.

Are you also interested in planning and accomplishing your tasks and special events in a better and organized manner, you need not worry as ProofHub is right there to assist you out in your mission. All you have to do is to reach out to it and embrace it in totality.