This is how ProofHub fits within the work culture of educational institutes


No one would ever dare to think that a project management tool could fit in the life of an academician. But we at ProofHub believe that anyone who needs management and organization in life needs a project management software. And, no other professional has bigger needs of management in their life than academicians, and teachers.

Let us have a look at how ProofHub fits in the life of people who are working in educational institutes such as schools and universities.

A role for every staff member

There are countless people involved in running an educational institution. From the regular teaching faculty, to guest lecturers, administrative staff to non-teaching staff members like lab assistants, sports teachers, clerical staff and lot more - all of them work together to keep running the institution in a hiccup-free manner.

Our project management software for educational institutes brings them all together under one roof to manage their roles and responsibilities from one place. You can add Custom roles for each staff member in the institution and maintain hierarchy. For instance, add a role of Principal, Teacher, Accountant and more. Based on the roles, you can provide access levels and streamline the ways the entire staff works.

Assign tasks and responsibilities

Based on the roles you have assigned to different team members, you can create their Task lists and allocate work in a breeze. For instance, let us say you have to define the lectures that a particular teacher needs to take in a week. You can simply create a task list for the number of lectures, add time duration and assign a date for each lecture in the task list. Once you are done, just assign that individual to the task list and they can have their weekly work schedule right in front of their eyes. No need to conduct weekly meets or maintain an email schedule for everything.

The best part is that the teachers can maintain their personal task lists as well. In order to organize their work schedule and manage their lesson plans for the day, they can create individual task list and organize their day.

Better control over work schedules

With Calendar in our project management software for educational institutes teachers can easily maintain their work schedules in an effortless manner. They can add their weekly lectures as Tasks in ProofHub. They can mark important activities like guest lectures etc., as events in calendar and never miss out on important dates. At the same time, they can use Milestones to track progress in the curriculum and keep their work life balanced.

We all know that there is a lot happening at educational institutions apart from studies. Annual fests, science festivals, conferences, sports meets and what not. The non-academic staff can use ProofHub to keep a schedule of all that using Calendar in ProofHub.

Collaborate better with other faculty members and students

Using Online discussions in ProofHub anyone and everyone can collaborate with other members of the school. Teachers can create discussion topics to brainstorm with other faculty members. They can also get students to collaborate and brainstorm over new ideas or anything that’s important.

And, thanks to the chat feature, communicating quick messages with other faculty members is just a click away.

Proofing & Approval

Students can upload their assignments, posters, presentations, and what not within the tool itself. They can directly add teachers to these files for getting their feedback. This makes life easy for both the teachers as well as students. There is no need to play that back and forth email volleyball to share feedback, and get the assignments approved. Everything can happen with the help of Online proofing tool in ProofHub.

Document and File Management simplified

There is so much of documented work that is involved in the life of people working at educational institutions. From student assignments to presentation, lectures and what not. It can be quite cumbersome to manage all that especially when everything is scattered across different platforms.

However with Notes and Files in our project management software for educational institutes, teachers can bring all their documents and files together at a central place. As a matter of fact, even if these files are stored in third party applications like Google Drive, OneDrive, Box and DropBox, they can access it from within ProofHub. Everything comes together with ProofHub, hence there is no wastage of time in managing all this information. You can even use the mobile app (Android and iOS) to manage your school work and stay on top of everything!

Life of a teacher revolves around books, notes, students and lectures. It can be more than a handful job to manage all this without having a system in place. And, ProofHub can work as that system, which can bring everything together and help teachers manage their work and life better. As you can see ProofHub simplifies the life of not just teachers, but different departments in schools, colleges & universities like academic sports, human resources, operations, finance & accounting.

Give it a try if you are part of an educational institution and looking for ways to bring sanity in your life!

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