ProofHub as a time tracking tool to achieve better time management


As a project manager you started the project with full excitement and energy. You invested everything of yours into it – your mind, soul, commitment, knowledge, expertise and leadership. But as the project progresses, uncertainties, problems and issues start plaguing and most of your time and energy gets dissipated in damage control exercise rather than doing something constructive. This upsets smooth flow of the project and results in missed deadlines, delay in high priority tasks and ultimately failure of project.

At the end of the project, you end up as a confused and broken person searching for succor but it is hard to come by.

Such a point is the time to make a new beginning, adopt a new approach.

A time tracking tool like ProofHub is the perfect solution for your problems.

It is a web-based solution which helps to carry out your projects in a more organized and coordinated manner.

A project needs to be properly defined and planned taking into consideration the various important issues that are associated with a it. A lot of thinking, analysis and consensus is required by the the planners and experts who are responsible for dealing with various intricacies related with a project. Once this has been done, the project gets graduated to the next level that is the execution part.

Resources are allocated for a project. Its startup time and finishing time, both are established. Various tasks that need to be undertaken in the project have been documented and scheduled. The persons who have to accomplish these tasks are assigned their share of tasks as per their knowledge and skills.

ProofHub enables tracking, reviewing and controlling these tasks to ensure that they are being executed as per schedule with accuracy and quality.

It comes with a lot of useful features like discussions, dashboard, timesheets, file management, calendars, to-dos, etc. which help in better networking and interaction over various project issues.

  • As the majority of a project’s time is spent in facilitating communication amongst the individuals working and attached to a project, ProofHub allows easy and accurate communication over various project matters through discussions. This helps to deal with project issues in a faster and cooperative manner, where team members can present their views and can add their comments. Every individual can see others’ views all at the same time.
  • Calendars enable accurate and focused documentation and highlighting of important events associated with a project. Email reminders are set and sent to the individuals as the deadlines of these events approach.
  • To-do’s allow the tasks to be prioritized and scheduled in an organized manner making it easy to execute and track them effectively. This helps in better accountability amongst personnel who are assigned various tasks.
  • Time sheets allow a project manager to track which particular task is being accomplished in how much time. Similarly he can make out how much time different tasks are taking in their accomplishment. This helps to plan things better. This also allows him to assess how much time a particular individual spent in accomplishing a particular task. He can judge their productivity in a better way.
  • Files can be easily attached and shared with ProofHub. This helps in optimum usage of resources and even fast distribution of resources amongst team members.
  • Dashboard enables a project manager to overview various tasks and activities that have been performed in a project at a particular point of time. He can easily make out which tasks have been accomplished and which are due to be performed. This imparts him clarity regarding the working of a project. Multiple projects undertaken by an organization can be effectively and independently tracked at the same time through this feature.
  • ProofHub due to its web-based nature provides worldwide connectivity to the members of a project who are based in different locations around the world at any time and from any device laptop, tablet or mobile. It keeps your data safe from any crashes, accidents.
  • It allows business firms to customize their ProofHub account with their own logo and branding so as to market their reputation and win the trust of their clients and customers.
  • Important individuals who can contribute in various project matters through their expertise and views can be attached to the project through emails. Their comments get featured in a project and can be seen by other individuals attached with a project. The benefit of this feature is that there is no need to involve these individuals fully in the project.

A time tracking tool like ProofHub is of immense utility for project managers and organizations who are endeavoring to make their projects more balanced and flexible and those who want to finish their projects in time and earn rewards for putting efforts and wisdom into their projects. Give it a try!