Get your work to move in flow with our agile project management tool

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Agility brings flexibility. Businesses today have embraced the power of Agile development methodology to bring teams in sync and get more done from them. ProofHub helps teams to become strong and flexible by empowering them with Agile development methodology.

Here is a look at some of the major challenges teams have to face on a regular basis -

  • Poor synchronization of work
  • Faulty planning and lag in task delivery
  • No clear work allocation
  • Missed deadlines
  • Failed projects

Now agile development methodology brings clarity in the processes and keeps work in flow so that the problems mentioned above do not arise. Here's a look at how ProofHub's agile project management tool actually works for teams -

Better transparency in task allocation

ProofHub lets you integrate workflows with your task lists. This brings an increased clarity in the task management process, as team members are able to clearly see what they are supposed to do, and how the tasks need to progress.

For example, here's how the basic workflow associated with a task list for development teams might look like -

Ideas - To be done - In progress - Completed

While assigning tasks, you get options like:

  • Add labels - to mark importance of tasks, and set priorities
  • Set estimated time - to give team members an idea about how much time do they need to spend on a particular task
  • Track time - to manage their time better and make the most it by using automatic timer or making manual time entries for each task
  • Attach files - for better understanding of work requirement

Stages to bring agility and flexibility

In the example mentioned above, you can see that a development task has been divided further into stages.

When teams are working on complex tasks, they can easily plan the flow of work by dividing the task into stages. As soon as the person involved in the first stage of work is done, he or she can simply move the task into the next stage so that the next person in line can begin working on it. You can create custom workflows according to your existing business processes.

In this way, workflows help in bringing agility, flexibility and more clarity into the way teams work.

For example, when you are working on development of a software the first thing is to plan and generate ideas on what needs to be. Based on those ideas you need to assign tasks that need to be done and assign people to them. The people who are assigned these tasks can now pick their tasks and move them to 'In-progress' stage so that everyone has clarity on which tasks are being worked upon and which ones are left. Once the task is completed they can move it to 'Completed' stage.

There is no scope of confusion as to what is being done, who needs to work on which tasks and more. In this way, ProofHub's agile development software helps teams to get work done on time without having to face any hassle or confusion.

Multiple task list views

The best part is that you can easily switch between the kanban view and task list view. You can easily manage your work and task lists just the way you want with the flexibility that our agile project management software brings for you and your team!

ProofHub's agile development tool can help your teams become more productive by bringing clarity in the processes and getting teams to work in a flow.

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