How ad agencies use ProofHub


Working in an advertising agency, surely gives you a high. With creativity and innovation going on in and around you 24X7, there seem to be nothing better you can ask for. Creating something that is a masterpiece in itself and leaves people awestruck, definitely gives you that adrenaline rush.

But along with that, there is a constant pressure of meeting deadlines, delivering the desired result, not goofing up with the client, keeping every single detail available to all, leaving no scope for confusion or misunderstanding and above all, not forgetting any of this. And missing on all this or dropping details isn’t just embarrassing, it can simply shut down your agency.

There is not a single agency out there, that doesn’t struggle with managing dozens or even more projects daily. While they develop great products, applications and solutions for their clients, they too feel the need of an integrated project management tool meant for ad agencies, for their own use. Something that enables them to organize every project from start to finish, meet deadlines with greater precision, and produce better results.

Notes and emails just don’t cut it anymore. It’s important to have a central and dedicated system in place to manage projects, tasks, events, deadlines, communications and progress across the marketing and communications division and your client base.

“While a wealth of project management systems are on the market, our favorite is ProofHub, for its simple user interface, access levels and robust feature set.” says Chelsea Serene

Below, she outlines some of the ways they use ProofHub to keep clients and themselves on task, and to foster campaign openness and transparency.

Create separate accounts for Clients & Vendors

While planning and managing our work, we begin by providing our clients with their own ProofHub accounts. Each client is kept in separate groups and added only to their specific project which are put under different categories.

These individual accounts give them the confidence that nothing is hidden, and that they can always pop-in to track the progress made in their project. It fosters collaboration with our clients and ensures that all interactions with respect to the project lies in one centralized location.

Manage Campaigns with Discussions, To-do’s and Notes

Once the accounts are created, we hold discussions to share ideas or get suggestions on how to get started with a project. Team members from various groups are invited to pour in their thoughts and we receive email notifications whenever a comment is added to the discussion thread.

We can then directly reply to the discussion thread from an email notification, without even having to login to our ProofHub account. This makes sure that none of our important information ever gets lost in a long thread of emails.

These ideas are then drafted into to-do’s, by creating a to-do list. All the tasks involved in achieving a goal are added in the list, the deadlines are defined and people are assigned various to-do’s so that they know what their responsibilities are.

Further to that, the requirements of a new campaign are chalked-out with the use of Notes, a collaborative word processor that automatically saves changes. We can leave a note for our teammates, inviting them to mention their requirements or further add points as a comment to the note.

Achieving The Milestones

We add important dates like event execution or pre-event setup as milestones and mark people responsible for each of these milestones. This sends an email reminder 48 hours before this milestone is due to the assigned person. With regular updates and reminders for upcoming milestones, people never miss out on important dates and stay informed on what they are supposed to complete.

Easily Manage Several Campaigns In One Go

ProofHub’s Gantt chart lets us review who’s doing what, by when and the overall progress made in all active projects. By assigning dependencies on two interrelated tasks, we are able to take timely preventive measures in case one task takes longer than the required time. This makes sure that none of our dependent task suffers and gives us ample time to make amendments and assign the task to some other team member for it’s timely completion.

Share and Organize Files

We upload files from our Computer, Dropbox or Google Drive, by simply Dragging and Dropping them into our ProofHub accounts. The same files are then organized into folders so that it is easy to find them. Task completion becomes easy, when we directly discuss our feedback or suggestions on a shared file, and get things done fast.

With one central location to share, review and organize files, nothing gets lost ever and our managers, marketing team, clients, and communications department get the ability to access and find relevant information, anytime and anywhere.

Create Copies of your project

Most of the time, we have projects which are repetitive and with a few alterations here and there, they are just a duplicate copy of each other. By copying our projects, we simply create an identical copy of our existing project and all its tasks, discussions, files, start-due dates, notes and everything else gets copied. Once a copy of our project is created, we are good to go. This saves us a lot of time and efforts.

Project Forecasting

With the ability to house all important information in one place, our managers can effectively manage workflow, implement resource planning and conduct better forecasting. They can easily check the progress and status of a particular project, simply by reviewing the task lists, milestones and the Gantt chart.

For example, if they see that one person has less work in terms of client deliverables and another has too much of it, they can split the to-dos within the team to better balance workload.

Add Quickies

In Quickies, we can store our random thoughts, important ideas or just about anything that we don’t want to miss while working on a project. On the lines of sticky notes, these are only visible to us, and available for use anywhere and anytime, once we have logged into our ProofHub account.

If you are still messing around and searching for a software that works for an ad agency, give ProofHub a try! It gives you free trial.