New In ProofHub: Stickies

Quickly note down key information such as important links, ideas, summarize minutes of meetings, and more with ProofHub’s all-new Stickies. 

To keep all the useful data in a central space facilitating easy back and forth, ProofHub has come up with Stickies. Stickies are a fun and easy way for individuals to instantly save information in the form of personalized, virtual post-it notes. 

Using stickies in ProofHub

Go to the Quick Access Bar on the right and click the yellow stickies icon. 

ProofHub Stickies

What do stickies offer?

  • Create to-do lists and checklists and readily access notes with easy back and forth.
  • Color-coordinate your stickies to easily differentiate one from the other.
  • Archive or delete your notes once their purpose is solved.
  • Search for what you need from a list of stickies. 
  • Reorder and customize stickies as per requirements. 

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