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New in ProofHub: Request forms

One of the most awaited updates of ProofHub is request forms. ProofHub understands how your inbox can get cluttered with all the requests for work, tickets or even support queries. You may even miss a requirement in all that mess.

Now you can add request forms in ProofHub and take work requests through a form. The information filled in the form will automatically get saved as a task in the project and tasklist of your choice. For instance, you may want all your support queries to be saved in a particular project and tasklist and the same will be the case for your design, marketing or any kind of requests.

Adding a request form:

1. You can add a request form by clicking on Manage>Request forms in your ProofHub account.

Request Forms

2. Right after clicking on the Add button, you can:

a) Add a Title and Description for your Request form.

b) Select the Project and the Tasklist from the drop down menu in which you want to get your requests to be saved directly in ProofHub.

c) Assign a task label to differentiate and organize your requests.

d) Select a Redirect URL to which the person will be redirected after the request form submission.

Full request form

3. Once you have added a request form you can open its link or HTML code.

Form Link

4. Then, copy the form link and use it anywhere you want to get work requests added directly to ProofHub.

Copy From Link

5. In case you want to customize the fields to your request form, there is an HTML code that you can edit as and when you want.

Copy Form HTML

Request forms will come handy when you do not want to add projects or tasks manually whenever a new request turns up in your inbox. Now, you can have all your requests added directly in ProofHub in the project and tasklist of your choice.

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