New in Proofhub: Introducing Status filter in Everything tab

New in Proofhub: Introducing Status filter in Everything tab

We have introduced a new filter in ‘All tasks’ under ‘Everything’, which will let you sort task entries quicker than ever. The status filter, as we call it, allows you to view the set of tasks based on their completion status.

You can go to All tasks in Everything section and see Status filter next to the Project filter. Here, you can select filter options All, Completed, or Incomplete and sort the task entries just the way you want to.

For instance, if you want to see task entries that are completed, select Completed from Status filter and apply the changes. And you will get all the completed task entries on your screen.

The filter is going to make life easier for you. Hope you will like it!

Check out what more do we have in store for you on our Updates page.

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2 responses to “New in Proofhub: Introducing Status filter in Everything tab”

  1.  Cynthia Dailey Cynthia Dailey says:

    Hoping at the top level for BOARD VIEW and the ability to see projects (not any task or detail, just the project card) and define workflow to move projects through those boards.

    Is this coming soon? 🙂

    •  ProofHub ProofHub says:

      Hi Cythia,
      As of now, this feature is not there in the pipeline. I’ll forward it as a suggestion and will make sure that someone gets in touch with you regarding the same. For more suggestions, you can always email us at

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