Here’s how ProofHub works

ProofHub’s work management system brings your projects, remote teams and clients under one roof, empowering you to keep things always under your ultimate control.


ProofHub puts all the pieces of your project’s puzzle in their right place

Our work management software works as a central place to manage and run your projects and teams withTasks to keep things on track, Discussion topics to post updates, share ideas and collaborate with teams and clients, Files and documents to keep the entire information organized, Group chat to ask questions, get answers and continue important conversations seamlessly, Proof and review files and documents quickly, and Track time spent on the projects.

With ProofHub’s work management tool you also gain the ultimate control with Gantt charts to create the project plans that’ll ensure timely completion of the projects, assign Project manager to keep a bird’s eye view on project progress, create Custom roles to define access levels for the teams and clients, and Project reports for insights on how the projects are progressing, and how teams and individuals are performing.


So, with ProofHub there’s no more:

Discussion icon

No more "Long, messy email threads"

Discussion topics in our work management software eliminates those confusing email threads to relate information, search important stuff and stay on the topic. It gets your team, clients and stakeholders to collaborate on common topics effortlessly in one centralized place. And you can easily loop someone in the conversation whenever needed.


Tasks icon

No more "Was I supposed to do that?"

ProofHub Tasks keeps your team running in the right direction by giving them a lucid view of their responsibilities. Assign tasks, set start and due dates, add labels and keep things on track. Our work management software notifies people whenever tasks are assigned to them and reminds them when they’re due. Everyone in the team gets a list of daily agenda. And managers get notified if something is overdue.


No more "Who'll be working on this next?"

ProofHub’s Boards and workflows lets you divide the project tasks into stages and assign a Basic or Kanban workflow to them. You even get the option to Customize workflows as per requirement. This gives the teams a clear path of how the tasks need to progress, notifies people when tasks reach their stage and they move it to the next stage once their part is done. As a manager, you get to keep an eye on the overall progress, identify bottlenecks and better manage the flow with our work management software.

How it works

Gantt chart icon

No more "Poorly planned projects"

ProofHub Gantt charts lets you create effective project roadmaps to plan the tasks and resources, and keep them on track. Create tasks, assign them to teams, set dependencies and ProofHub will take care of everything else. As a task gets delayed or is moved ahead, the dependent tasks move and adjust accordingly, automatically. It also gives you a clear idea of how the work is distributed, when it is expected to be completed so that you can iterate plans to keep the project agile.

Gantt chart

Calendar icon

No more "Missing deadlines and having different calendars"

ProofHub’s Calendar gives you one centralized place for planning and scheduling events, milestones and tasks, eliminating the need of having too many different calendars. Create recurring events and milestones, assign them to people, and ProofHub will remind them of the deadlines well before they are due. As a manager, you get notified whenever a deadline is moved or missed.


Files icon

No more "Scattered and missing files"

ProofHub keeps your Files and documents centralized and organized, making it easy to collaborate and share them with teams and clients. Organizing files in folders in our work management software gives everyone the power to be able to find the important files quickly whenever needed. You can also upload multiple versions of the same file to keep them grouped together and avoid dealing with too many copies of the same file without knowing which one is the latest.


Custom role

No more "Who gets to access what?"

ProofHub’s Custom roles enables you to create different access levels for the remote teams, clients and stakeholders. Set roles to define who gets the ability to perform certain actions in your projects and access the different parts of your ProofHub. You can also create private areas within projects for important things that you’d like to keep within specific team members and clients.

Custom roles

Chat icon

No more "Waiting for hours to get quick answers"

Group chat feature in our work management software gives everyone the power to save time that is usually wasted in getting quick answers, feedback or even a quick “Go”. Start one-to-one or group chat, add teams and clients, and begin the conversation, be it casual or work related. Communicating in real-time and with the ones working with you on your projects ensures that they continue progressing smoothly. You get emojis too. :D



No more "Confusing and delayed feedback"

ProofHub’s built-in Proofing speeds up the file and document review process and brings clarity in feedback sharing. Upload files, add collaborators and send invitation to the clients. Using the markup tools clients and stakeholders can easily proof, mark changes and quickly provide their feedback. Previous versions of the proofed file can be viewed anytime to keep a track of the feedback and changes requested earlier, making it easy to compare the proofs. Once the changes are made, the files can be approved with a click of a button.


Time icon

No more "Did someone keep a track of the billable hours?"

ProofHub Timesheets ensures that you get the by-minute details of the time spent on tasks and projects, making it easy to bill your clients and getting paid on time. Create timesheets, set time estimates, track time spent on tasks and get reports by person and dates. Record time manually or use the timer for accurate time tracking to save the time spent on maintaining the records and to avoid human errors.



No more "Why can't I see the interface in my language?"

ProofHub’s interface is available in a number of supported languages including English, French, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese and German. With our work management system everyone in the team and at the client’s end can use special keyboards to collaborate and manage projects, and they can also set the preferred language they use to see ProofHub. Even the notifications sent are in the same language.


Reports icon

No more "Projects and resources getting out of control"

ProofHub Reports give you a clear insight of how the projects are progressing. As a Manager, you can view project progress, track missing deadlines, overdue tasks and milestones to keep a bird’s eye view on the projects. Reports also show you how the resources are being utilized, and how much workload each team member has so that you can manage them more efficiently.


Notes icon

No more "Where did I note it down? Where's my notepad?"

ProofHub Notes give you a central place to capture important project notes, quick reminders, random thoughts and your big ideas. Keep them private or share them with teams and clients to collaborate over them and get their views. You can organize these notes in Notebooks and color code them to find them quickly whenever you need them.


Email-in icon

No more "Unattended important emails stuck in the inbox"

Email-in feature in our work management tool allows you to forward important emails that need to be shared with the teams to work upon. These could be new project requests, issues sent by the clients, quick questions or even the product photos to be taken care of sent by the photographer. ProofHub gives you a unique email-in address for each tasklist, discussion topic, files folder and timesheet. Replying back to the email notifications sent for the activities also gets saved in ProofHub automatically.


White labelling icon

No more "Using a tool that doesn't match your brand's identity"

ProofHub gives you the power to White label your company’s ProofHub account to match the colors with your brand and use a custom domain that your teams and clients recognize, and is easy to remember. ProofHub also allows you to set up branded sign-in page, making it appear closer to your company’s domain.

White labelling

Project manager icon

No more "Who's managing the project?"

ProofHub gives Managers the ultimate control over your projects. Assign a Project manager for each project and ProofHub will send them important notifications for the missed deadlines and overdue tasks to keep teams and the project on the right track.

Project manager

IP Restriction icon

No more "Unauthorized access from unrecognized networks"

With ProofHub's Network control you get to decide where your company's ProofHub account can be accessed. Set the IP addresses in our work management software through which your teams can access the ProofHub so that your important data remains secure and automatically restrict all the unwanted unauthorized access which might cause a threat to your business information.

IP Restriction

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No more "Chaos, hassle, stress, mess, struggle and trouble"

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