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Simplified task management with Workflows

Manage your tasks with ProofHub’s custom Workflow and Kanban Boards

Easily manage tasks with Workflows and Kanban Boards in ProofHub by creating task list and task stages. Move tasks between different stages to keep an eye on the progress made and ensure steady flow of work.

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    Integrate Workflow With Task List

    Easily integrate your task list with a workflow. With Kanban flow now you can manage task list by creating different stages to move the tasks between them. This helps you know the progress made on each task very easily.

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    Multiple Task List Views

    Easily view your tasks in the form of Kanban boards or lists. This helps you to choose how you want to see your tasks and track the progress made on each individual task to simplify your workflow.

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    Customized Workflows

    Organize work smartly by creating customized workflows. Custom workflows helps you add as many stages as you like between the starting and completion stage. This lets you track tasks accurately, speed up and even accelerate the work process to gain that competitive edge.

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    Define Stages to Simplify the Work With Kanban Board

    Simplify your work by breaking it down to define different stages of a project. This improves your workflow by providing you clarity and visibility on your project process.

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    Progress Tasks Between Stages in Kanban

    Make progress by moving tasks between different stages of project completion in kanban flow. This keeps you upto date with all the latest developments in your project.

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    Get Notified About Progress

    Receive instant email notifications, as and when tasks progress between different stages. This way you never lag behind to know the latest upcoming work.

With proofhub you can organize all your thoughts, projects, task, people, files, etc... in a simple clean manner. I have 3+ different companies with multiple projects going on in each, each company has several people using proofhub, proofhub allows me to keep a bird's eye on EVERYTHING. And then there is the Awesome Gantt Chart. The Team at Flyhtlab.com loves proofhub!
— Omari W, Flyht Lab, LLC