Save your data from directly getting deleted forever with ProofHub’s Trash can

ProofHub’s Trash can serves as the place where all your accidentally deleted data reaches, from where you can either restore it or delete it forever.

Restore your deleted files or permanently discard them with Trash can

Deleted a file in ProofHub by mistake? No need to worry as you can now recover it from Trash can where it is stored for 15 days. Want to free up some space in your account? Delete files permanently from the Trash can and get the space you need.

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    Easily restore all the stuff that you deleted by mistake

    With Trash can in ProofHub you no longer have to worry about permanently losing items that are deleted accidently; as those are now stored in Trash can for 15 days after their deletion, from where you can restore them with just one click.

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    Permanently delete items that are no longer needed in your account

    You can now permanently delete those items in ProofHub that are no longer in use or needed with just a single click. This helps you stay away from the chaos of having too much stuff in your account, which can be quite confusing to manage.

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    Free up some space in your account by emptying the Trash can

    Easily empty the Trash can to get rid of all the unnecessary data. So, you can make effective use of all the space that you get in ProofHub by removing all the extra stuff from your account that you no longer need.

Don’t let too much information in your account kill your sanity. Give ProofHub a try.

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