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Easily Track time for accurate billing

ProofHub’s online time tracking software will help you to record every hour spent on each task and project.

Systematize your billing process by recording every hour your team spends on tasks to prepare invoices and bill your clients accurately.

  • 1

    Timesheet based billing process

    Simplify billing process by creating timesheets to record time on tasks and bill clients. Make daily, weekly or monthly timesheets to get an instant breakdown of the time spent by you and your team on each task.

  • 2

    Private timesheets

    Make private timesheets visible only to those who are assigned to it. This works best for your internal purposes like performance evaluation of employees or to pay them on hourly basis.

  • 3

    Set time estimates

    Enhance productivity by setting time estimates. Add estimated hours that you think your team will need to complete the tasks, to later compare it against the actual logged hours.

  • 4

    Track time spent on tasks

    Have accurate time logged without needing to make time entries manually every time. Now it is super easy to track time spent on task with one click timer.

  • 5

    Single view for all timesheets

    Track work easily by seeing the time logged by resources across all the projects in a single view. This helps in performance evaluation of team members easily.

  • 6

    Export timesheets to prepare invoices

    Export timesheets with a single click. Use them to generate invoices easily and bill your clients accurately for the amount of total hours spent on tasks/project.

  • 7

    Download timesheets

    Easily download the timesheets. Utilize them for reporting, performance evaluation or for billing your clients accurately.

  • 8

    Insightful reporting

    View precise reports to know exactly how much time each user has spent on each project. This ultimately helps in keeping track of employees' productivity.

  • 9

    Set the status of time entries

    Always get billed for exactly the amount of hours your team has spent on tasks by adding status to your time entries. You can also keep track of hours that have been billed, billable or nonbillable.

ProofHub has solved our problem of supporting projects remotely.
Alison Dalziel
— Alison Dalziel, Localise