Time tracking

Get things done quickly and more efficiently. Online time tracking software in ProofHub will help you to record every hour spent on each task and project.

  • 1

    Create timesheets

    ProofHub lets you create daily, weekly or monthly timesheets to get an instant breakdown of the time spent by you and your team on each task.

  • 2

    Set time estimates

    Add the estimated hours that you think your team will need to complete the tasks so that you can later compare it against the actual logged hours.

  • 3

    Time tracking

    ProofHub enables each team member to enter time spent on tasks so that you can keep track of their time.

  • 4

    Private timesheets

    Don’t want your clients to see all your timesheets? Mark those timesheets as private and work on multiple projects with different teams, clients, and vendors.

  • 5

    Single view for all timesheets

    See the time logged by resources across all the projects to keep track of your team’s performance and productivity.

  • 6

    Download timesheets

    Download timesheets and use them for reporting, performance evaluation, or just share them with your clients at the time of billing (offline, print).

  • 7

    Export to third party apps

    Export your time entries or timesheets directly to third party apps that you are already using for your accounting, invoicing or any other needs.

  • 8


    With automatic timer, you can easily track time spent on tasks without needing to log it manually. Once you have started the timer, it will keep running in the background even if you go to any other section or tab.

  • 9

    All time

    You can also view the time entries from all the projects in a single view from "All Time" under "Everything".

ProofHub has solved our problem of supporting projects remotely.
Alison Dalziel
— Alison Dalziel, Localise