Task management

An online task management software that lets you run your day, your tasks and your projects, efficiently! Breakdown tasks into subtasks; assign them to your team members and maintain a smooth workflow.

  • 1

    Create tasks and subtasks

    Break down work into separate tasks, split bigger ones into smaller subtasks & keep your work organized.

  • 2

    Set time estimates

    Set time estimates or approved hours on tasks to plan every phase of the project & track the progress of your tasks.

  • 3

    Track time spent on tasks

    View and track time to see how much time you and your staff spent working on tasks and subtasks.

  • 4

    Private task list

    Mark your task list as private so that only those who are associated with it, are able to see it.

  • 5

    Assign tasks to multiple people

    Plan projects better by assigning tasks to people based on their expertise.

  • 6

    Mark labels

    Use labels to categorize similar tasks and to define their nature, status, priority and severity.

  • 7

    Attach files

    Attach files to the tasks directly from your computer or from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and OneDrive to keep all the important information together.

  • 8

    Add tasks via email

    Add tasks via email without even accessing the tool and stay connected with your work.

  • 9

    Comment on tasks

    Directly add comments on tasks for a quick response. Ask questions, offer insights & provide all the additional information.

  • 10

    Complete tasks

    Whenever you have finished working on a task assigned to you, you can simply mark the tasks as complete with a single click.

  • 11

    All tasks

    You can also view the tasks from all the projects in a single view from “All tasks” under "Everything".

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