Reports in ProofHub’s online project reporting software represent all your important project information in the form of bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts, and tables etc.; providing you an overall picture of your projects.

  • 1

    Summarized reports

    Keep an eye on your projects and resources.

    • Due projects

      You get to know about projects’ due date, its start & end date, project status and its progress.

    • Slipping projects

      This report tells you about the number of tasks and milestones that have been skipped across all the projects, along with the project progress.

    • Resources

      From resources report, you get to know about overdue tasks of resources along with their performance in percentage form.

  • 2

    Project report

    Get a glance of all your projects’ status in a single view.

    • Project progress snapshot

      It provides you percentage completion of all the projects in a simplified manner.

    • Open tasks

      This report tells you about a particular project and the number of open and overdue tasks in it.

    • Open Milestones

      This report tells you about the project and the number of open and overdue milestones in it.

    • Resource utilization

      View the number of open tasks/milestones and overdue tasks/milestones of each resource, so that you can get an overview of the individual’s workload across all projects.

    • Roadmap

      It’s the timeline where you can see the progress of a project, its start & end date, and any late or upcoming milestones which are there in the project.

    • Burn up chart

      Burn up chart lets you compare how the project was planned and how it is being executed by enabling you to track completed tasks versus the total number of assigned tasks.

    • Task status

      Get an idea on number of open tasks and overdue tasks in task-lists of a project.

    • Progress by labels

      You can see the number of open and overdue tasks on the basis of their labels.

    • Time logged by resources

      Get to see the summarized information of total time logged by resources against the estimated time.

    • Timesheet reports

      With timesheet reports, you can get a comprehensive view of the number of hours logged in different timesheets by various team members.

  • 3

    Resources’ report

    • Resources summary

      This report displays the count of projects, open tasks and open milestones that each resource has been assigned to.

    • Overdue milestones

      It tells you about the count of overdue milestones for each resource.

    • Overdue tasks

      It tells you about the count of overdue tasks for each resource.

    • Projects

      In projects report, you will see the list of projects assigned to that user along with the number of open milestones and open tasks.

    • Time logged

      With this report, you will be able to view the time logged by that resource in all the projects assigned to him/her.

I pretty LITERALLY cannot say with any sort of confidence that I'd still have enough interest in business ownership to be in biz for myself again years later had I never found Proofhub. The NAME says it all ¿ I needed visual proofing as a freelance graphic/web/mobile designer, and I needed a hub to keep everything organized and keep everyone in the loop.
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