Receive and share feedbacks instantly. ProofHub’s online proofing software streamlines the proofing and approval process to save your time and effort.

  • 1

    File proofing

    Upload PDFs, images or designs & make the reviewing process simpler with ProofHub’s online proofing tool. Use markup tools to draw shapes, highlight errors, mark changes and suggest improvements with different colors.

  • 2

    File approval

    With many people involved in projects, different versions of single design are always in circulation. ProofHub’s ‘file approval’ feature helps the team know the final approved version and drastically reduces the time involved in approvals.

  • 3

    Share proofing link

    Share the proofing link of your files with anyone added or not added to your projects to receive changes and feedback on them.

  • 4

    Add comments

    Add comments while proofing files to explain the changes and suggestions marked in them, so that it becomes easier for the receiver to work on those changes.

  • 5

    Proof files from tasks & discussions

    You can proof files directly from tasks and discussions to make the review and approval process faster and better.

  • 6

    Preview and proof in the same screen

    You can preview and proof files in the same screen during the review process. You don’t need to scroll through different screens while proofing a file.

  • 7

    Proof and collaborate on versions

    You can store different versions of the same file, and collaborate on them to bring an end to all the confusion during the review and proofing process.

  • 8

    Collaborate on files which cannot be proofed

    For files which cannot be reviewed and proofed using the proofing tool, you can collaborate by adding comments, and share your feedback on them.

  • 9

    Add clients and team members while proofing

    You can add your team members and clients while proofing a file to make sure that collaboration happens in real quick time and without any interruptions.

ProofHub helps our customers to remain assured of their designs and let’s us reap customer happiness from around the globe. Keep up the great work ProofHub!
— Robert Clark, Artisan Ink