Proof better, review faster with Proofing

An online Proofing tool that simplifies the review and approval process to save your time and effort.

Streamline the review process by bringing teams, clients and stakeholders in one central place to provide feedback on files and documents.

  • 1

    Real-time Collaboration on Approvals

    Simplify the review process by collaborating on files and documents in real-time. Collect feedback from clients and stakeholders and mark it resolved once done with the changes.

  • 2

    Feedback Based Approval Process

    Communicate visually by highlighting sections and marking annotations. This leads to fewer revisions and quick approval of files and documents.

  • 3

    Get Quick Feedback by Sharing Links

    Easily share proofing links with clients and stakeholders to receive changes and feedback on files and documents.

  • 4

    Keep Everyone on Same Page

    Send and receive quick approvals and streamline your work. Now approval process is just a click away.

  • 5

    Multiple Version Review

    Review and provide feedback on different versions of files simultaneously on a single screen. This will help in making a contrast and ensuring the best work steps out of the door.

ProofHub helps our customers to remain assured of their designs and let’s us reap customer happiness from around the globe. Keep up the great work ProofHub!
— Robert Clark, Artisan Ink