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Project scheduling simplified with ProofHub’s project calendar

Project calendar in ProofHub simplifies the way you manage your schedule, plan your events and keep track of the important dates and deliverables in the project, to always stay ahead of the deadlines.

Project scheduling software for teams that like to get things done on time

With our project calendar, you can access all your important events, milestones, tasks, meetings and reminders for important dates at a single place; allowing you to always stay on top of schedules.

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    Project calendar to always keep your work up to date

    The individual project calendar in ProofHub gives you an overview of the tasks and events assigned to your team members in that project so that you can easily track deadlines and keep your work up to date.

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    Schedule events and milestones to stay a step ahead in scheduling

    With ProofHub project scheduling software you can mark important dates as events, and set project milestones to always remain a step ahead in scheduling, and never miss out on important dates related to your project.

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    Create recurring events in project calendar to save time and effort

    For events that repeat from time to time in a project, ProofHub’s project calendar gives you the option to create recurring events, daily, weekly or even monthly, so that you don’t have to spend time in creating repetitive events time and again.

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    Set automatic reminders to keep team members on their toes

    In ProofHub’s project scheduling software you get the option to set automatic reminders for the important events you have created, and notify people about them so that important dates never get skipped from mind.

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    Schedule private events and milestones to maintain privacy

    The option to set private events and milestones in ProofHub’s project scheduling software ensures that you share important dates with only those people who are involved in the events and milestones, rather than everyone.

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    Integrate your calendar with ProofHub to bring everything at one place

    You can subscribe to ProofHub calendar and synchronize your existing calendar be it Google Calendar, iCal or Outlook Calendar to bring everything at a central place; making it easy to plan and schedule your projects.

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    Download calendar to share it with anyone and everyone

    With ProofHub you also get the option to download calendar and use it the way you want to; share it with stakeholders, or print to use during discussions and plan your project schedules in the easiest possible manner.

So, you can see how ProofHub’s project calendar simplifies the way you can plan your work.

ProofHub’s project scheduling software acts as an adaptive base, where the whole corporation threads its internal and external communications and where we are able to reflect ourselves.
— Ignacio Baztan, Cebra