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An efficient note management system to gather your thoughts and ideas at one place

ProofHub Notes lets you capture your ideas, random thoughts, finalized plans, and all other important project information so that you don’t have to remember everything.

Bring all our notes and documents together at a central place with ProofHub Notes

Save yourself from the hassle of scattered notes and documents by bringing all your ideas, thoughts and important information together with ProofHub’s note management system.

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    Color your notes to differentiate different topics with ease

    You can color your notes in ProofHub to store all the project information in a visually beautiful way. This allows you to easily differentiate notes created on different topics and keep all the information neatly organized.

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    Use notebooks to neatly organize your project information

    In ProofHub’s note management system you can create beautiful notebooks, add notes to them to keep your important notes segregated and organized, and find them quickly whenever you need to access or share them with others.

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    Create private notes to keep important information confidential

    You can create notes in our note keeping software and mark them as private. This allows you to ensure that the access to all your confidential project information is limited to only relevant people.

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    Add comments on notes to collaborate over thoughts and ideas

    Note management app in ProofHub gives you the option to add comments on notes directly; thereby allowing you and your team members to collaborate on them in real-time and share ideas in an effortless manner.

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    Pin notes and notebooks to the top to access them quickly

    With each notebook and note that you create in ProofHub, you get the option to pin them to the top. So, you can keep them easily accessible and save a lot of time that you would have otherwise wasted searching for them.

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    Download notes in PDF to store them and keep a record for future

    ProofHub’s note sharing app lets you download notes in PDF format so that you can print them to keep record for the future, share them with others to discuss during meetings or use them in any other way that you want to.

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    Save notes directly to files to proof and review them easily

    With ProofHub’s note sharing app you get the option to save notes in files as PDF. This allows you to easily review and proof those notes and documents, and share feedback in an effortless manner.

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    Add notes to quickies to access them quickly and save all your time

    With ProofHub note sharing system you don’t need to jump into the notebooks to find important notes when you are in quick. Just add them to quickies and access them in an instant without wasting any time.

Looking for a better way to manage and collaborate over documents? ProofHub’s note management system can prove to be the best solution for you!

Carrier pigeons are expensive and very unreliable. Thank the stars for ProofHub’s note management system!
Patrick Owens
— Patrick Owens, Fractal Fox