Write notes online to gather your words, images, documents, and all other innovative thoughts at one place. Add people to get their comments and inputs on notes; and collaborate smoothly.

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    Create notes

    Use notes to store all your thoughts and ideas. Insert images, share links, use different colors or make a bulleted list to highlight important points in your note.

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    Keep all your notes, be it articles, press releases, website content, research work, etc. neatly organized in notebooks with different colors.

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    Add collaborators

    Share your notes with colleagues for viewing or editing, and let them contribute their thoughts towards your ideas.

  • 4

    Add comments

    ProofHub lets you add comments on notes, share links, and mark the comments as resolved; to help you clarify, debate, and refine the information shared in notes.

  • 5

    Download notes

    You can download notes as PDF documents to keep an offline copy saved in your computer or to print and share them with others.

  • 6

    Create private notes

    ProofHub lets you control the visibility of your notes; keep them open for your team or mark them private so that only you and specific people can collaborate on them.

  • 7

    Save notes in files

    Save notes along with your other files, so that you can keep all your important information together and attach the files directly with your work when needed.

  • 8

    Insert images

    Add images, be it screenshots, scanned documents, wireframes, etc. related to your projects to help illustrate your points better.

Carrier pigeons are expensive and very unreliable. Thank the stars for ProofHub!
Patrick Owens
— Patrick Owens, Fractal Fox