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Organize, share & recollect your thoughts with notes

Write notes online to gather your words, images, documents, and all other innovative thoughts at one place.

Simplify collaboration by organizing, sharing and recollecting your thoughts using online notes to help teams save important time and get more done.

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    Notebooks to save all your notes

    Save all your important notes in a well organized manner using notebooks. This way you can easily remember where to look when you want something.

  • 2

    Create notes

    Easily add notes to create documents, jot down meeting minutes, ideas and thoughts. Notes improve collaboration by helping you remember things quickly.

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    Create personal notes

    Secure confidential information by creating private notes. Make your private notes visible only to specific people that you want to share that information with.

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    Collaborate on important info

    Collaborate on important information by posting comments. Now, you can easily provide your feedback on notes to share your thoughts.

  • 5

    Color your notes

    Provide colors to your notes. This helps you to organize and differentiate them easily.

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    Pin important notebooks

    Pin your important notebooks that you use frequently on top. This way you can access them quickly.

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    Download notes

    Download notes easily to use them at other places. You can download an offline copy, in pdf format, of your important notes to keep records for later use.

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    Save notes to files

    Easily save notes along with your files in pdf format within ProofHub. This makes it easy for you to download and use them anywhere you like.

Carrier pigeons are expensive and very unreliable. Thank the stars for ProofHub!
Patrick Owens
— Patrick Owens, Fractal Fox