In app notifications

Get instant notifications whenever something happens in your projects

ProofHub’s in-app notifications give you instant updates on all the activities that are happening across all your projects, so that you don’t miss out on anything important.

With ProofHub’s in-app notifications, you will never miss anything related to your projects

Get to know about all the activities happening in your projects to keep yourself updated, and stay on top of on all the activities being done in your projects.

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    Stay on top of everything by getting real time updates

    In-app notifications in Proofhub allow you to stay on top of all the activities that are being carried out in your account as you get real time updates for the same. So, you don’t need to check emails every now and then to see what’s happening.

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    Desktop notifications so that you can keep an eye on everything

    To make sure that you don’t miss out on something important happening in the projects, ProofHub gives you the option of pop-up notifications. So, you will not miss out on project updates when you are busy working on a different screen.

Find it difficult to stay on top of project updates and activities? Give ProofHub a try.

ProofHub provides a proven process for management of offshore development projects, that significantly improves the chances that the projects will be completed within deadlines.
— Bård Andre Bruvoll, Kommunikator