Gantt charts

Illustrate and visualize every step in the project. ProofHub’s online gantt chart software helps you to connect tasks, set dependencies, and track project progress to make sure that projected deadline is met every time.

  • 1

    Set task dependency

    Set dependencies to see how changes in one task affect its dependent tasks. If a task is rescheduled, then the connected tasks also get rescheduled accordingly.

  • 2

    Drag and drop tasks

    Everything works with a simple drag & drop, be it setting dates or changing duration of the tasks.

  • 3

    Percentage completion of tasks

    With each team member directly filling in their task completion percentage, you can easily track the progress of the project and take corrective measures so that there is no delay in the overall project.

  • 4


    The timeline is broken up into days, months & years; and shows you the task names, start, and end dates, dependencies between tasks in the form of horizontal bar charts.

  • 5

    Critical path timeline

    See the tasks that are directly affecting your project end date using the critical path timeline and iterate accordingly.

  • 6

    Highlight tasks with progress less than 30%

    ProofHub Gantt charts let you filter tasks with less than 30% progress so that you can see which tasks are running behind schedule and can plan your actions accordingly.

  • 7

    Milestones in Gantt charts

    Those tasks that have the same start and end date will appear as milestones in Gantt charts.

  • 8

    Print Gantt charts

    Sometimes you just need to get things down on paper. Whether you need to pass out project information for a meeting or want to discuss your project schedule with someone, you can print Gantt charts easily.

  • 9

    All Gantt

    The single view Gantt chart from all the projects can be viewed from “All Gantt” under "Everything".

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— Jason Chong, Accord