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Plan better, schedule faster with Gantt charts

Illustrate and visualize every step in the project with the help of ProofHub’s online gantt chart software.

Improve the process of planning and scheduling by setting dependencies between tasks and finding critical path to meet project deadlines on time.

  • 1

    Visualization Based Planning

    Visualize tasks/projects with an intuitive timeline. This way you get a clear picture of progression of the project to identify potential and existing delays.

  • 2

    Efficient Project Scheduling

    An easy and efficient way to project scheduling. By looking at the timeline, you can make decision on how resources can be utilized and plan the order of tasks completion to deliver projects on time.

  • 3

    One click drag and drop

    Work faster by using the drag and drop option. Now, it’s easy for you to change dates, set durations and dependencies with just a click of a button.

  • 4

    Seamless tracking of project progress

    Easily track the progress of your project and keep your team or clients informed about which tasks have been completed or are under progress.

  • 5

    Set task dependencies

    Prioritize work by setting logical relationships between tasks and milestones. Determine the dependency of various tasks on each other to know which task need to be completed before others can start.

  • 6

    Identify critical path

    Easily identify tasks that affect your project completion with critical path. This way teams can pay more attention to those tasks and deliver projects on time.

  • 7

    Timeline driven project management

    A visual timeline let's you stay on top of things. It provides information about tasks, tasks’ duration and any dependency between them leading you to better manage your work.

  • 8

    Export gantt charts

    Export charts with a click of a button. Use them for a variety of other uses like to provide information for a meeting or to discuss your project with clients and stakeholders.

  • 9

    A single view for all gantt charts

    A unified view of all your projects at one central place lets you see how resources are allocated across different projects. This provides you a better way to keep your team on track.

ProofHub has become one of our day-to-day co-working partners.
— Jason Chong, Accord