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A central place to store your files easily

Online File Sharing system to make collaboration easy for your team.

Organize your files and documents at a central place and make collaboration work better for your team with ProofHub’s file sharing system.

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    Quick File Uploading

    Our file sharing system lets you easily upload files at one central place. This makes it easier to share them with people who are working on the same project so that no one has to ask where files are kept.

  • 2

    Folders and Subfolders

    Create folders and subfolders to better organize and store your files. With folders it is easier to group files and have a more sorted out workspace.

  • 3

    Share File Links

    Share file links with clients and stakeholders. This way you can send them a copy of files to help them save it or use it in some other way thereby easing collaboration using our file sharing system.

  • 4

    Preview and Proof Files

    Simplify the review process by proofing files online. Now, you can easily mark annotations to highlight changes, post comments and send approvals.

  • 5

    Upload Files via Email

    Easily upload files via email while you are on go. This way files are directly sent to their respective folders without even needing to log into account.

  • 6

    Upload new version of files

    Keep your files always up to date by uploading new version. This way your team and clients has access to latest version of the file that you are working on.

  • 7

    Download files with ease

    Easily download files to use them at other places. You can also save them at your own system or back them up in an external memory.

ProofHub has unified all our communications, brought our internal teams together and made everyone accountable for their time in order to work smarter.
— Matt Cooper, InsideOnline