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A file management system that makes file sharing quick and easy

ProofHub’s file sharing software works as the central place to store, organize and share all your important files; so that you can quickly and easily collaborate over them as and when needed.

Bring your files and documents together at one place with ProofHub’s online file sharing system for meaningful collaboration

With ProofHub’s easy file sharing system, you get the option to store all your files at one place, which you can further organize and share with other team members, clients and stakeholders to collaborate over them.

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    A central place for all your files and documents

    With ProofHub’s file sharing system, you will no longer have to worry about scattered files and documents all over the place. Simply upload them in ProofHub, share them with people if you want to, and access them easily.

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    Store and organize files in folders and subfolders to keep them handy

    Our easy file sharing system gives you the option to organize your files neatly in folders and subfolders, making sure that you don’t waste time looking for them when you are in quick need, and hence saving you a lot of time.

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    Share file links with others to simplify collaborating over files

    With each file you upload in ProofHub, you get a sharing link that you can send to collaborators or even with people who don’t have a ProofHub account and they can easily access those files and even download them.

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    Preview and proof files from a single screen to make reviewing easy

    Our file sharing app lets you preview and proof files from a single screen, saving you a lot of time. You don’t need to switch between different screens, which can be confusing and quite time consuming as well.

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    Upload files via email to make file sharing hassle-free

    With our file sharing system you can upload files via email as well when you don’t have access to the tool. Each files comes with a unique email-in address, which you can save in the inbox to use whenever you want to upload a file on the go.

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    File versioning in our file sharing app ends all the confusion

    Our file sharing system allows you to store multiple versions of the same file, access their history and restore them if needed; bringing an end to all the confusion you face when working with different versions of the same file.

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    Download files to store them or use them the way you want to

    Download the files stored in ProofHub with a single click to store them in your computer, print them to use in meetings or use them in any other way. This way, you can make sure all the important information is handy whenever you need to access it.

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ProofHub’s file management system has unified all our communications, brought our internal teams together and made everyone accountable for their time in order to work smarter.
— Matt Cooper, InsideOnline