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Ease remote collaboration with email-in

ProofHub’s Email-in feature lets manage your account using emails.


Advance your remote collaboration with email-in. Add tasks, upload files and post comments without even logging into your account using only emails.

  • 1

    Post comments on discussions via email-in

    Easily post comments on discussions using your email inbox. This allows you to participate in on going conversations using only emails to enhance remote collaboration.

  • 2

    Add tasks directly from your inbox

    Simplify task addition to all of your on going projects. Now it becomes easy for you to manage your work using emails.

  • 3

    Upload files on the go

    Upload files directly without even logging into your account. This way certain files that are lying in your email inboxes can be directly uploaded from there only thereby saving your time and effort.

  • 4

    Reply via email

    Reply using just emails to easily share ideas or provide feedback on any on-going discussions or tasks.

ProofHub provides a proven process for management of offshore development projects, that significantly improves the chances that the projects will be completed within deadlines.
— Bård Andre Bruvoll, Kommunikator