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Email-in to stay on top of work even when you cannot access your ProofHub

Collaboration on projects becomes fairly easy with the email-in feature in ProofHub as you can perform important project activities even when you are not using the tool.

Manage all the important project activities from your email to stay on top of things

ProofHub’s email-in lets you post comments, add tasks, upload files, and do lots more without needing to log in to your account. So, you can carry out your work without any limitations.

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    Post comments via email to be part of discussions

    With email-in feature in ProofHub you can post comments on ongoing discussions using your emails. So, for times when you are not in office, or when you cannot access the tool, participating in discussions becomes quite easy.

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    Add tasks from your inbox to allocate work easily

    ProofHub simplifies the task management process by allowing you to add tasks directly in your projects from your inbox. Simply use the email-in address to add tasks and get your team to work.

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    Upload files on the go to collaborate seamlessly

    No need to log into your account to upload files when you are on the go. Simply use the email-in address to upload files that are either lying in your inbox or on in third party apps and make collaboration effortless.

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    Reply via email to never miss out on anything

    ProofHub’s email-in feature lets you reply directly to emails for various activities. Whether it is providing feedback, participate in discussions, adding new tasks, or anything else related to work - you can get it all done with ease!

Finding it difficult to collaborate and staying connected with work? Give ProofHub a try.

ProofHub provides a proven process for management of offshore development projects, that significantly improves the chances that the projects will be completed within deadlines.
— Bård Andre Bruvoll, Kommunikator