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Keep the communication flowing with discussions

A collaboration tool that helps you to share all your ideas with your teams and clients.

Easily share ideas and discuss plans by collaborating with your team members and clients to get freedom from lengthy email threads.

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    Create discussion topics

    You can create discussion topics to ask questions, find answers, discuss new ideas, and collaborate with people involved in your projects.

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    Invite people to discussions

    Brainstorm, prioritize, and act on the best of ideas together by inviting your team, clients or anyone involved in the project to discussions and let them share their ideas, issues & feedback.

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    Attach files in discussions

    Attach relevant files; be it documents, designs or wireframes; in discussions directly from your computer, other projects or from apps like Google Drive, Box, DropBox and OneDrive to explain your point.

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    Private discussions

    Mark discussions as private and share sensitive or not-yet-finalized information internally, without needing to worry about everyone having access of these discussions.

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    Reply via email

    ProofHub gives you the option to reply to a comment in an on-going discussion using your email, without having to log in to your ProofHub account.

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    Make proofing and approval process faster by directly proofing your files and documents from discussions.

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    Archive topic

    You can archive discussions to segregate the active topics from the ones that have become too old or inactive.

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    Forward the topic or comment

    You can directly forward discussion topics or comments as an email to anyone added to your ProofHub account and get their views and suggestions.

ProofHub optimized our client happiness and eliminated all the fuzziness and problems that could happen with email project management.
Valtancoli Fabrice
— Valtancoli Fabrice, Webdesign Inspiration