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Business communication tool to brainstorm and discuss on topics faster, better

With ProofHub’s internal communication software, you can bring your remote team members and clients together to brainstorm, share ideas and discuss important topics.

ProofHub’s business communication tool brings end to those time consuming meetings and long email chains

Using our team communication software you can get your remote teams, clients and stakeholders to discuss and brainstorm together.

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    Create discussion topics to stay away from those lengthy, confusing email threads

    With ProofHub’s internal communications tool, you can create a discussion topic and add people to it to discuss and brainstorm together without having to draft emails, sorting email threads and wasting quite a lot of your time.

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    Real time collaboration for teams that are scattered across different locations

    Our team communication software lets you have discussions in real, so you can share thoughts, have meaningful collaboration and reach to concrete results without wasting time, even if your teams are scattered across different locations.

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    Mark topics as private to have personal discussions

    To make sure that not everyone is able to see confidential discussions, our internal communication tool gives you the option to mark important discussions as private. So, no one else, except the people who are added to the topic, is able to see them.

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    Attach files in discussions for meaningful collaboration

    Keeping everything crystal clear while collaborating and discussing things online, you get the option to attach files on discussion threads, and have meaningful discussions while collaborating with your team, clients and stakeholders.

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    Email-in to keep discussing even when you are on the go

    Our business communication tool helps you collaborate and continue to discuss stuff even when you don’t have access to the tool. Each discussion topic comes with an email-in address that you can use to post comments in discussions using your email.

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    Archive discussions to secure them for future reference

    All your discussions in ProofHub’s internal communication app remain secure. Once you are done discussing on a topic, you can archive it and keep it segregated from the active discussion topics.

Save your team from getting lost in endless discussion threads while collaborating and brainstorming. Try our internal communication software now!

ProofHub’s team communication software optimized our client happiness and eliminated all the fuzziness and problems that could happen with email project management.
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