Plan your day, your work, and your life better. ProofHub’s calendar lets you to easily schedule all your tasks, events, and project milestones; so that important dates never slip from your mind.

  • 1

    Create events

    Arrange meetings, schedule appointments, and create events in ProofHub’s calendar to organize your workload. You can add full-day, multi-day, time based or recurring events extending upto weeks, months or years.

  • 2

    Private events and milestones

    For all those situations where you don’t want to share your internal deadlines with the clients, ProofHub lets you create private milestones that only selective people can see.

  • 3

    Create events according to different timezones

    ProofHub makes it easy to work with remote teams by allowing you to specify the timezone in which the event is scheduled to occur. Thus enabling the teams to see the events as per their local time.

  • 4

    Create milestones

    Create milestones to mark significant development phases of your projects and stay ahead of your deadlines.

  • 5

    Sync calendar

    Stay in sync with your work by pulling all your tasks, events, and milestones from ProofHub calendar to the calendars that you might be using presently, be it Google Calendar, Outlook, or iCal.

  • 6

    Create tasks from calendar

    ProofHub enables you to add tasks to your to-do list directly from the calendar.

  • 7

    Download calendar

    You can download your calendar in iCal and CSV format to keep all the events and milestones at your fingertips.

  • 8

    Set reminders

    Stay updated on all deliverables by setting reminders for events and milestones to stay assured that important deadlines and activities never get missed.

ProofHub acts as an adaptive base, where the whole corporation threads its internal and external communications and where we are able to reflect ourselves.
— Ignacio Baztan, Cebra