What’s new in ProofHub May 2022

What’s new in ProofHub May

Everyone at ProofHub is dedicated to constantly improving and making our tool indispensable.

We release monthly upgrades and enhancements to fulfill our worldwide customers’ needs and help ProofHub become the most refined version of itself. These updates include anything from extensive new features like custom fields to minor bug fixes and interface improvements.

This article will detail all of the main ProofHub developments for May 2022. It will highlight new software features and demonstrate our ongoing efforts to make ProofHub a model tool for users.

Switch between projects easily

You can now swiftly move between the projects assigned to you using Me View’s newly refreshed left panel. You have to click on the Projects icon and view all projects assigned to you and managed by you.

Default project tab

Default project tab

With this new feature, you can configure and set the project tabs as default at the project level making everyday work easy and accessible. After selecting a default view, clicking on the project name will take you to the default tab.

Setting the default tab for a new project

  • On the navigation bar, select the + symbol.
  • From the menu, choose the desired project.
  • Complete the project information.
  • After selecting the following option, you can enable the project’s tabs and set the tab as the default tab.

Setting the default tab for an existing project

  • Select the addition icon in the top right corner of the project tabs.
  • A new window will open, where you may select whatever tabs you want to activate or disable and designate the tab as the default.

Project widget filters

Project filter widgets

Projects can be filtered based on their Status, Category, and Colors with this feature. For the projects mentioned in the Recent Tab, you may also opt to show or hide the date column.

ProofHub forms

ProofHub forms

ProofHub forms allow you to collect requests from both internal and external users. Forms make it possible to create a clear line of communication between teams, external clients, and stakeholders. The requests are automatically added as tasks to the project’s designated task list.

Custom fields can be used in forms to collect additional information about a product or service to make these forms more comprehensive. End-users will have access to these fields and will be able to fill in the necessary information.

To know more about ProofHub’s forms, you can click here and get detailed information about configuring, sharing, managing, and creating forms. 


The updates and enhancements made to the ProofHub application are listed above over May 2022. Aside from that, several other essential and minor technical and internal enhancements have been made.

By posting this article, we intend to demonstrate to our clients how we are constantly trying to improve your experience with ProofHub. Let’s hope we’re successful in communicating our point.

Please contact us at support@proofhub.com with any valuable recommendations or questions.

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