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What’s new in ProofHub May 2022


The goal of everyone working at ProofHub is to continue to grow and make our product invaluable for our users.

We release monthly upgrades and enhancements to fulfill the needs of our customers across the globe and help ProofHub become the finest work management tool out there. 

This article will detail the significant updates and developments made in ProofHub in the month of May 2022. It will highlight new features and demonstrate our ongoing efforts to make ProofHub a model tool for users.

1. ProofHub Forms

ProofHub forms

You can collect requests from internal and external users using ProofHub’s forms. Forms assist in establishing a clear line of communication between teams, external clients, and stakeholders. Requests are added as tasks to the project’s allocated task list automatically.

ProofHub understands how fast your inbox can fill up work requests, ticket requests, and other inquiries. Amid the commotion, it’s easy to overlook a high-priority task.

With ProofHub, you can easily create request forms and accept work requests making it nearly impossible to miss out on anything. The information you provide in the form will be saved as a task in your choice’s project and task list. For example, your customer support requests can be placed together in a project and task list, while your design, marketing, and other requests can be kept separate.

Custom fields can also collect additional information about a product or service and can be enabled in forms. These fields will be accessible to end-users, who will be able to fill in the required information.

Request forms ensure that all necessary information is provided, allowing you to stay organized and collect the data you need to analyze and complete the work. This is crucial since incomplete requirements are one of the significant reasons for project failure.

The greatest benefit of using forms to address work requests is that it provides complete control to the users and allows for greater customizability, thus making ProofHub indispensable for teams.

2. Default project tab

You can configure and set the project tabs as default at the project level. After selecting a default view, clicking on the project name will take you to the default tab.

When creating a new project, set the tab as the default.

  • On the navigation bar, click on the + icon.
  • Choose Project from the drop-down menu.
  • Complete the project information.
  • You can enable the Project’s tabs and set the tab as the default tab when clicking the next option.

3. Project widget filters

project filter widgets

You can edit and control the items in the “Me view” with widgets. This allows you to focus solely on the most important things and helps individuals stay on top of important tasks.

With the help of project widget filters, users can filter projects based on their status, category, as well as color. Users can further choose if they want to hide or show the date column for a particular project.

4. Switching between projects made easy

Thanks to the new redesigned left panel, users can now swiftly switch between their assigned projects.

All changes and updates to the ProofHub application for May are listed above. Aside from these, various other major and minor technical and internal improvements were performed.

To know more, visit www.proofhub.com or you can also visit our youtube channel to know more about our features and what we do.  

 Nandini Sharma
Nandini Sharma

Nandini Sharma is the Assistant Marketing Manager at ProofHub - a powerful project management software loved by more than 85000+ teams and businesses worldwide. She brings unparalleled expertise in digital marketing through her years of experience in the field; especially when in the area of brand building, targeting a large audience and building strong connections with them. When not busy in creating winning marketing strategies, she can be found involved in art and craft activities.

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