ProofHub Updates For The Month Of September

Constantly working towards growing and making our tool an indispensable one is the aim of everyone working at ProofHub. 

In order to meet the demands of our global clientele and evolve ProofHub into the best version of itself, we roll out monthly updates and enhancements. These updates range from major new developments such as custom fields or minor bug fixes as well as interface improvements.

This write up will include all the major changes implemented in ProofHub for the month of September. It will highlight the new developments in the software and showcase our constant effort to make ProofHub a model tool for users. 

Customize Working Days


One of ProofHub’s major new developments for this month was the customization of working days

In simple terms, teams can now customize and plan their ProofHub tasks based on their schedule and not according to the weekend. By default, in any tool the working days are set from Monday to Friday but some organizations work during the weekends and have off days during the week. Unlike most tools that allow users to choose from the configured working days, ProofHub has successfully addressed this important issue. 

For such organizations, customization of working days comes as a boon and increases the overall usability of the tool. 

Once the working days are configured the changes will affect all tasks in the future on that account. However, no there is no impact on the dates and the duration of the existing tasks, events or milestones for that matter. 

Further, once the working days are configured and a task list or project is created or copied from a template, the tasks are automatically adjusted so the due dates and start fall on working days be it the weekend or not. 

Language Customization


At ProofHub we have always believed in making our tool more inclusive and adaptive for our users. Be it our simple but intuitive interface or our language preferences, we always aim to make ProofHub a user’s tool.

It is for the same reason that we constantly come up with new languages for users to use ProofHub in. ProofHub is now available for use in Turkish, Chinese(Taiwan) as well as Dutch. 

These new changes go on to make ProofHub all the more accessible and global, thus, increasing the overall usability of the tool. 

Formulae Calculation in table view


Table view can easily be ranked among the most popular ProofHub features and hence, working towards constantly upgrading and refurbishing it is one of our top priorities.

Another new customization in ProofHub features is the availability of formulae for calculation in the table view

If you hover over a function, you will be provided with the description of the formula which can further be applied to several fields such as numbers, percentages, as well as currency fields. 

Furthermore, users can also use sum, average, minimum and maximum, as well as total count as formulae for these columns. 

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Wrapping Up

Mentioned above are all the developments and updates made on the ProofHub application for the month of September. Apart from these several other big and small, technical and internal changes were made as well. 

Through this write up we aim to achieve transparency with our clients about how we constantly work to make ProofHub better for you. Here’s hoping we are able to convey our message.

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