ProofHub’s New Form Feature – Build Any Type Of Form

ProofHub's New Form Feature


The real work begins once a project is initiated. And projects can be anything from brainstorming to sign-off, from proposal writing to product testing. The key to managing project tasks is to prioritize them effectively.

Forms are a powerful way to manage incoming work requests. They can be used by small teams, teams with multiple roles, and leaders who oversee large groups of people. A well-designed form will ensure that team members always have the most relevant information available to them when they need it.

The forms feature on ProofHub is a powerful tool for project managers. It allows them to create, share and manage specific types of forms.

What are Forms in ProofHub?

Forms are the heart of ProofHub. They’re a way to capture your audience’s feedback, collect leads, or build a relationship with new customers. 

Forms are helpful when you have a question that needs answering quickly, or if you want to collect data from your users in one place. Use them to collect feedback on new features and changes in your app, or any other type of information that would be useful to share with your team.

What’s so good about it?

Custom field

Configure-form-custom fieslds

If you’re like us, you’ve created a ton of custom fields—and you know that sometimes, the right data for your form may not be in the right place. That’s where ProofHub’s new form feature comes in.

You can control which fields to show and hide at any time. You can also use the custom fields you’ve created to get the data you need in the correct place. 

Additionally, you can now add custom fields to forms—you know, those tasks that are just too important to be left out of your dashboards. That way, when you’re working with a client on a specific project, you can make sure they’re aware of everything that’s at stake and how their input could affect the outcome. 

And if someone else is reviewing the form, they’ll know what’s important and what isn’t!

This makes forms more flexible and user-friendly—and it means you can get more done in less time.

Integration with tasklist

Imagine a situation where you need to send out a task list—but then realize that the process of creating the task list isn’t working like it used to. You’d like to integrate any task list with a form to receive requests and tasks. It may take some time, but then when the time comes—you have everything ready!

With ProofHub’s form feature, you can create any kind of integration between your task list and any form: whether it’s for signing up for a class or for requesting a new product from the company website.

This is great for companies who want to make sure that their employees are always on top of their workloads and don’t fall behind. It’s also great for companies who want their employees more involved in what’s going on at work. For example, if there’s a big project coming up, you can get all of your employees involved by sending them requests for what they’ll be working on in the coming weeks.

Gain control over actions 

form background setting

Form building has never been easier, thanks to ProofHub. With a few clicks, you can build any type of form you need—and we’ve got templates to help you get started. 

You can customize them by changing text, buttons, and background colors. You can choose from a range of pre-select labels for tasks created using forms.

You can even choose custom form submission messages, action after submission, and pre`-select labels for tasks created using forms.

Easy to share


Our Forms are easy to build, and you can share them with your end customers in just a few clicks.

You can easily share a ProofHub form with your end customers by clicking on the “Copy link” option. This will copy the URL of your form and you can now share this link with your customers.

If you want to embed the form somewhere, select the “Copy embed code” option and it will generate a code for embedding it in any website or blog post.

How do I set these forms up?

We’ve got a new feature for you! Now you can build any type of form and add it to your project, with just a few clicks.

Adding forms from the task section:

Go to the desired project. Click on the context menu next to the task list. Click on the option “Form”

Adding forms from the manage section:

From the upper right corner, select Manage from the drop-down menu. From the drop-down menu, choose “Forms”

To create a new form, go to the next screen and select “Add.” Immediately after pressing the Add button, you can: 

Give your Request form a title and a description. 

From the drop-down menu, choose which project and task list you want your requests saved in ProofHub immediately. 

Assign a task label to each request so that you can arrange them easily later on. 

Choose a Redirect URL where people will be routed once they submit their request forms. 

Once you’ve added your form, open its link or HTML code so that you can copy it and paste it wherever you need work requests added to ProofHub immediately!

Add-forms-from-manage-section (1)

Use Cases

For Marketing: Submit requests for creative materials, blog posts, or one-pagers.

For IT Professionals: Submit software problems, request new hardware, and request access to company software.

For Human Resources: Make requests for the setup of new hire desks, postings, and candidate referrals.

For Developers: Post bug reports, requests for new features, and technical support requests.

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