Dark Mode: You Can Now Customize Your ProofHub Account to Your Needs

Dark Mode- You Can Now Customize Your ProofHub Account to Your Needs

In the past few years, we’ve seen every digital platform and application switch to the dark mode or dark theme as many call it. From Instagram to Linkedin and from Facebook to WhatsApp, dark mode is everywhere. 

According to Google trends, global searches for this term increased in late 2018 and peaked in October 2019, just a few months after iOS and Android’s dark mode was launched. A study by Android Authority shows that over 81.9% of its readers prefer using dark mode in all applications on their phone and desktop. 

As a design functionality, dark mode has become immensely popular among users across various platforms. People have shunned bright screens and white pixels, and chosen this non-traditional, completely opposite color scheme to what we’ve always used. 

So what makes Dark Mode so popular?

Today almost all applications allow you to switch between bright and dark modes. Some people love cycling between the two to mix things up or to vary the visibility of their devices at different times of the day. Dark mode in various tools have been known to help users evade eye problems, save device battery health, manage work better, and keep themselves more engaged.

An executive at Apple said “Dark Mode makes it easier to stay focused on your work, because your content stands out while darkened controls and windows recede into the background”.

ProofHub’s Dark Mode

ProofHub Me view Dark mode

ProofHub has recently launched a feature called Modes. Through this, users can invert the overall color scheme of their account to light, dark, and your default system preference. 

If you sync ProofHub with your system settings you will not have to choose the mode manually and it will automatically change as per the changes in your system settings.

How to access Dark Mode in ProofHub?

Enabling dark mode in ProofHub can be done by: 

  1. Go to the top right corner of the screen and click on your profile picture or initials.
  2. Select from the three options in modes: Dark, light, and system.  
  3. Select ‘Dark’ to enable dark mode. 

Benefits of using Dark Mode in ProofHub

The main advantages of ProofHub’s dark mode are highlighted below:

  • Easy on the eyes

Extensive research into the adverse effects of a flat white screen led to conglomerates such as Google, Facebook, and Apple offering dark mode versions of their products. The public followed closely behind the new trends, as it always does.

ProofHub’s custom dark mode dark screen not only makes it easier to read and is pleasant to the eyes but is also suitable for vision, especially in the long run. The bright illuminating blue screen inhibits the production of melatonin, the most crucial hormone for a good night’s sleep in the human body. 

Since we humans have found peace in spending over 11 hours a day glued to their phone screens, the dark theme is the perfect way to escape the itchy and irritated eyes of the glaring white screen.

  • Improved battery life

Another advantage of using dark mode in ProofHub for everyday work is that it improves your device’s battery life. Because all of the latest technical items, including smartphones, laptops, and other devices, now have Oled displays, the dark mode can save up to 60% of battery life even when you use the device with full brightness. 

The power-saving features are only activated when the pixel is entirely black, indicating that it is turned off and not pulling power from the battery. With various applications now available in dark mode, you can not only keep your vision healthy but also improve your gadget’s health. 

  • Easy navigation

Technically dark mode does not alter an application, but the mere inversion of colors has reportedly made it easier to navigate for users. The various colors on a dark black background make it more appealing to look at while also visually pleasing and intelligible. As a ProofHub employee and user, I personally prefer using Dark mode for I feel it’s more soothing to look at especially when your screen time is a lot.

Before going to bed, some users like to switch to dark mode. The goal is to reduce your exposure to blue light before bedtime, and easy navigation even with the lights turned off. Studies have also suggested that dark mode limits screen flickering, thus increasing focus. 


Dark mode has been popular among individuals globally, especially those with longer screen time. With ProofHub now available in dark mode, the tool becomes even more customizable and well-suited to your needs. 

For better understanding about new and old Proofhub features, you can visit the website or contact support.

Happy ProofHubing!

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